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  1. [quote user="drurys testamonials V 15"]No-one booed where I sit in Lower Barclay.[/quote] I''m in the lower E Barclay too, Booing started the moment he put the blood shirt on and never stopped all match, But the Boo''s were coming from Watford fans, every time he touched the ball, But he did the right thing by Laugh at them when he was taking the throw in''s,
  2. [quote user="pete_norw"]Not a plug (he said) wwwharbourradio.com Friday evening hosted by a Norwich fan and its called the Rant 5-30 to 7-00 give it a go. Yes it''s my son[/quote] that should have been www.habourradio.com
  3. Not a plug (he said) wwwharbourradio.com Friday evening hosted by a Norwich fan and its called the Rant 5-30 to 7-00 give it a go. Yes it''s my son
  4. [quote user="Buh"]Hundreds of confused old boys have torn them in half after last season haha Hope they enjoy the 50 quid reprint charge or whatever it is[/quote] They could report wallet stolen with season ticket in it get a crime number and get a free re print, but chances of this happening to loads of Norwich fans that may make them a little bit suspicious
  5. The one thing I''m glad about is that we never paid the £17 mil they wanted for him in the summer, Someone would have a lot of egg left on the chin right now. I don''t blame rvw, it''s Hughton who destroyed any ability He had to make it in English football just hope Hoots never gets another job in football again, the only thing he did was to equal Roeder''s record of destroying 25 players
  6. [quote user="Jim Smith"]I''m not fussed about predictions. What i do find re-assuring in many ways though is how highly rated Chris Martin is at this level by all those who regularly watch championship football. I find this reassuring because whilst i always thought Martin was decent enough for us and never let us down, we moved on from him and I still feel that despite relegation we have better options at our disposal than Martin. I also watched Derby (who many pundits are tipping to go up) on several occasions towards the end of last season and virtually every time thought they looked bang average with a number of defenders who the likes of Redmond, Wes and Pilks will run rings around. I do therefore believe that if we can keep our key players and get off to a reasonable start we are plenty good enough to be competing for the top 2 this season.[/quote] Anyone would think he knows one or two things about football, A no hope player in his day and a no clue pundit now
  7. [quote user="crabbycanary"]Good luck pete, but a big NOOOOO on wearing the away shirt if you can go. It''s got to be Green and Yellow on the day, it''ll brighten their old shed up a treat![/quote] Just managed to get applications in and now wait for Email on Wednesday, And I will be wearing my new Home shirt, What was I thinking of wearing the away shirt in Binnsville, By the way turn the away shirt inside out and it looks like a Spammers shirt
  8. Not holding my breath on this one, only got the 1,000 never made any away matches last season, but will be on the phone to try my luck Got my new away shirt specially for this one.
  9. [quote user="morty"][quote user="whoareyou"]Me too.[/quote]And I shall be purchasing one forthwith![/quote] Don''t normally buy away shirts but was in The shop yesterday and have one on order to collect on Monday, Probably get worn more times than the home shirt next season
  10. [quote user="mrs miggins"]so its not a fer gone conclusion then ...and yes that is the best I can do[/quote] Oh well Fer enough then
  11. [quote user="lappinitup"]No Declan Rudd....must be off then.[/quote] yes heard Arsenal spelled the name wrong on the bid so he''s gone for £15 mil
  12. [quote user="Manchester Canary"]To join Everton. He didn''t last long[/quote] Shows all the signs of a true Bigot and shows what he thought of Norwich, not even three months in the job
  13. [quote user="splutcho"]Anyone know when tickets are likely to go on sale?[/quote] Something already on the official site, but I have a feeling we are going to find ourselves sending in written applications a few times this season
  14. A friend of mine is a Lowestoft town player and is also a City S/T Holder, needles to say he don''t get to many of City weekend games, but when he does he travels with me he is not looking forward to the traveling next season with the Trawler boys, But Hell its Blue square and sometimes get selected for TV and who knows he could get spotted so he will forgo his S/T when he can''t make Carrow road, before any takers come on board he already has a someone to take it, But on this point didn''t we get Oli Johnson from Stockport
  15. [quote user="Pabs"]Has anyone received their new home shirt yet? I got mine today and ''On the Ball City'' is printed at the bottom of the back of the shirt, but on the inside!? Is it meant to be like this, or should it be on the outside of the shirt? Anyone know?[/quote] Didn''t realise they were on pre order, I got mine on the sale date and find it a good quality shirt, as for the O T B C I asked at the shop and was told It is meant to be inside However they are slightly smaller I had a dxl last season and found I had to have a 4 x L this and no I have not put on weight
  16. [quote user="Jim Smith"]To be honest keeping our best players is far more important now than who we may or may not sign (unless several of those players leave) because they are better than the calibre of players we can hope to attract now as a championship club. Looking at that squad list yesterday I don;t really think that we need any more new players other than if a few leave. Even then we probably don;t need to replace them all but obviously if 4 or 5 go we would want a couple to come in. Keeping Ruddy, Fer, Olsson, Redmond and Hooper would make me more optimistic about our prospects next season than any signing we could realistically make.[/quote] Spot on Jim, I have been saying for a while now, we have to keep the bulk of the team together what we have already the players brought in are just about all we need right now, All said and done they are Premier league and should be able to over come relegation and come back stronger
  17. We play football, America play Armoured Rugby, we invented the game and everyone show''s us how it should be played where players like to get their teeth into it, England will never win any Major Trophies because the club managers don''t care about the progress of England, only their club and Job and you can''t blame them with Megga rich owners want the best for the club.
  18. Where do people see all these heavy links then
  19. [quote user="First Wazzock"]I hope it does get moved. My daughter is getting married on the 23rd[/quote] Had the same problem when my daughter got married, as luck would have it Sky moved the match to Monday, but we lost anyway M K dons Cup match
  20. [quote user="Herman "]Isn''t there some way we can blame Sepp Blatter for our quick exit?[/quote] The only people to blame is the F A. for allowing the top league choke the squads with Foreign players, not enough home grow players in any squad. and Wrong manager.
  21. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]if he wants to ruin his career and never manage a top club again then he should go for it!!! Personally I thought The Sun managed England... [/quote] Think its the kiss of death on a managers career
  22. [quote user="City1st"]they''ve just kicked off[/quote] Didn''t see that coming did we,
  23. [quote user="JonnyH"]I can remember standing outside Rumbelows with a few other people, watching the television through the window for the Norwich latest score/result. I''m not so sure this happens any longer.[/quote] Oh yes and that Ticka tape on BBC1 with Dickie Davis and his silver streak in his hair
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