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  1. Russell Martin was injured and on crutches on Thursday !!!. But because he was needed due to injuries , he had an painkilling injection before the game and managed to play the whole 90 mins!!!. Now that''s commitment to the team that if half of his team mates had last year we would be back in the premier league.
  2. Sorry the correct quote was SW gets to my question of how many of current squad will be here in August. ''12-15 of those in programme from tonight''. #ncfc
  3. SW stated that only 12-13 of the current first team squad will be here next season!!!
  4. Their chairman has pumped £500,000,000 into them since he took over
  5. Naismith was superb last night I thought, getting stuck in,getting our players going, never stopped.
  6. Who the funk boos their own players?????? You my friend are a complete Bell End if you do!!!.
  7. Spot on Rob, it''s the usual club treating the fans like mushrooms. Where there''s a lack of information people just fill in the gaps.
  8. Is anyone else getting bored of the whole ''clubs new structure '', and ''who will be our new manager'' waiting game??. I genuinely couldn''t give a rats behind anymore, we all know we are just preparing to be underwhelmed as normal!!!. Just give it to someone and let''s move on
  9. No they do mean Grant Holt 20/1 I believe
  10. Let''s just hope Mick can hold on till the 26th
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