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  1. That is all Dennis is, he tells us what they want him to tell us, It saves them time from sitting in front of the media,
  2. Never have good results when wearing it
  3. I''m Now fully booked at the Brampton village hall caravan park
  4. I fail to get to grips with what some fans are saying, Yes we are in a mess but it''s the direction of the board that are at fault, they saw Adams as a cheap option he did well with the Youth side, a totally different level of football, they say they looked into Europe for a manager, Take that with a pinch of salt, All they have done is destroy a Legend
  5. I think the club should complain to the FA as that was as a blatant case of match fixing as we will ever see from a ref and his assistants, go the whole hog tell the police as well,
  6. They are like a Christmas tree, they come down after Christmas aswell.
  7. Lets hope C.J does it again on Saturday for us against the YAM YAM''S A former club of his,
  8. [quote user="DannyNCFC7"]I my live in sufflok but don''t mean I am a scummer.[/quote] Ditto, I have an Nr post code Beccles is in Norfolk as far as I''m concerned
  9. [quote user="nutty nigel"]What a world we live in now eh... [/quote] Try this one www.harbourradio.co.uk 5-30 to 7 every Friday night its called the Rant hosted by my son known as Tank. its a good listen and you can text during the program, give it a go
  10. [quote user="star_manic"][quote user="star_manic"]Hobson starting full training next week.[/quote] Anyone know of a site with an edit button? Howson.[/quote] Or you could read it before posting, done it a few times
  11. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="mrs miggins"]wtf why are you worried about our kit? of all things[/quote]It''s a change from watching paint dry.Apart from the pen, the highlights should take up all of 45 seconds.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[|-)][/quote] Can''t even get any enthusiasm at all to watch England.
  12. with 4 clubs now interested this could be a bumper pay day for us
  13. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="InchY Grabban by the nuts and wring em out."]This site is old and tired and has a meltdown quite often.[/quote] Bit like the old boys who post on it....... [/quote] Glad I''m not the only one then
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