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  1. pete_norw

    sky sports....

    That is all Dennis is, he tells us what they want him to tell us, It saves them time from sitting in front of the media,
  2. pete_norw

    The away kit

    Never have good results when wearing it

  3. pete_norw

    No sacking this weekend

    I''m Now fully booked at the Brampton village hall caravan park

  4. pete_norw

    Adams to press on Monday.

    I fail to get to grips with what some fans are saying, Yes we are in a mess but it''s the direction of the board that are at fault, they saw Adams as a cheap option he did well with the Youth side, a totally different level of football, they say they looked into Europe for a manager, Take that with a pinch of salt, All they have done is destroy a Legend
  5. Don''t you just love a good wind up
  6. I think the club should complain to the FA as that was as a blatant case of match fixing as we will ever see from a ref and his assistants, go the whole hog tell the police as well,
  7. pete_norw


    They are like a Christmas tree, they come down after Christmas aswell.
  8. Lets hope C.J does it again on Saturday for us against the YAM YAM''S A former club of his,
  9. pete_norw

    Empty bins

    [quote user="DannyNCFC7"]I my live in sufflok but don''t mean I am a scummer.[/quote]

    Ditto, I have an Nr post code Beccles is in Norfolk as far as I''m concerned

  10. pete_norw

    The Scrimmage

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    What a world we live in now eh...




    Try this one www.harbourradio.co.uk 5-30 to 7 every Friday night its called the Rant hosted by my son known as Tank. its a good listen and you can text during the program, give it a go
  11. [quote user="star_manic"][quote user="star_manic"]Hobson starting full training next week.[/quote]

    Anyone know of a site with an edit button? Howson.[/quote]

    Or you could read it before posting, done it a few times
  12. pete_norw

    norway tonight

    [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="mrs miggins"]wtf why are you worried about our kit? of all things[/quote]It''s a change from watching paint dry.Apart from the pen, the highlights should take up all of 45 seconds.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[|-)][/quote]

    Can''t even get any enthusiasm at all to watch England.

  13. pete_norw

    £9m For Redmond

    with 4 clubs now interested this could be a bumper pay day for us
  14. pete_norw

    Website Issues?

    [quote user="......and Smith must score."]

    [quote user="InchY Grabban by the nuts and wring em out."]This site is old and tired and has a meltdown quite often.[/quote]


    Bit like the old boys who post on it.......


    Glad I''m not the only one then
  15. pete_norw

    Manager Of The Month

    Yes give it to Pearce, he deserves a bit of bad luck
  16. pete_norw

    Bassong to Palace?

    [quote user="City1st"]how come god is an old man - was he ever young or even a baby ?

    why did it take him 6 days to create the earth, surely with his powers it should have all been done with one snap of his fingers ?

    and most intriguing, is it the same giraffe with his head out of the ark window, or do they take it in turns ?


    Because the Bible is as fictional as Harry Potter
  17. pete_norw

    Bassong to Palace?

    Now this is my opinion only, I fail to see how intelligent people con honestly say that they believe that religion is good for the people, where as the only thing I see into it is religion is nothing more than make believe brain washing syndrome it only brings work for the undertaker meaning all wars have been caused by it, As I said to my R.E .teacher 50 years ago prove it to me, He couldn''t, needles to say I never attended R.E. classes and was always in trouble, so you see what I mean I was always in the wrong at school (WHEN I ATTENDED), If people want to believe them let them, but on the same token please don''t bring it into my house
  18. [quote user="Lord Horn Returns"]Remember going there when we last played them in the mid-80s when Duncan was in charge of Club Canary (or whatever it was called then). Bit of a long haul for midweek but a nice town to visit. Potentially winnable tie for either side but would be good to keep the confidence levels up with a cup run.[/quote]

    Wouldn''t have said its a long haul, End of M54 and about 15 minutes on A5 not all that far from Wolves

  19. pete_norw

    Three Grandsons

    [quote user="Herman "]Not a lot to say to that Pete. All the best to your family and hope you can raise as much as possible. Not on FB but if you have any auctions on ebay etc. pop ''em up here.[/quote]

    Cheers thanks for that
  20. pete_norw

    Three Grandsons

    Well away from anything else you care to talk about, But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 3 Grandsons all born with incurable diseases, It doesn''t bare thinking about, Unless of coarse you are Me.

    I wonder what it is that my family have done wrong to deserve this, My Daughters are going through hell we have a boy 13 suffering from Duchenne, a muscle wasting disease that will eventually kill him before he turns 25, If any of you use the NCFC fans Forum on facebook you will know what is happening, we are trying to raise funds to send my grandson Lee to America for him to see his dream WW wrestling in order to raise the funds we have held fetes as well has other things like just giving we also have some fantastic Norwich fans who are organising a charity match between us and the Ipswich fans

    I have a 1905 shirt up for auction it''s on show behind the bar at the FAT cat my daughter Maria has also got a big concert organised for the Cliff Hotel in Gorleston Featuring a band called the anyones if you go on fb the links are there,

    sorry if this sounds far fetched but my other 2 grandsons have CF and the youngest Jayden has Diaphragm defect and is kept on a ventilator he is 2yrs old and is featured on a global research plan, again the fb link will take you there Unfortunately my grandson with CF is in care he is 14 now.

    Sorry if this has dragged on but we are a normal family that have been kicked in the guts 3 times and we are living in hope that someone somewhere will find a cure
  21. pete_norw

    oliver norwood

    [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Nicko"]Deary me he is dreadful. Watched him for 2 years at Coventry and he''s utter dogsheet.[/quote]Highly doubt that, seeing as he was only there for half a season.[/quote]

    Did he go to Derby from there
  22. pete_norw

    Jarrold Barrier

    [quote user="kingsway"]Seems like a good idea because it surely must have increased the useable capacity?

    Given that the useable capacity last season was about 26,850 odd this new barrier could mean that the useable capacity is now over 27,000?

    Can this barrier be moved in order to accommodate smaller or larger away allocations?[/quote]

    Not trying to blow trumpets, But I suggested this about 4 seasons ago and was called allsorts of names on here, Seems not so stupid after all then

  23. pete_norw

    Tickets on General Sale

    General sale means just that, the General public can buy so no number required

  24. pete_norw

    jarrold yesterday

    More to the point how many noticed No safety net, just a couple of rails and as far as I could see the rails were on the steps with no loss of seating. Correct me if I''m wrong