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  1. Almost no first team experience, but plenty of Spain youth team games and has won the u19s as an ever present. Can''t be bad as long as we remember he''s still a kid at 21 years old.
  2. Wow cheers Wiz. I have some chips if you''d like to p!ss on them too.
  3. Higuain for me. He scored 9 qualifying goals to Messi''s 10, however he has much better odds. Argentina will play the maximum games by getting at least to the semis, and I think will win it. And Higuain now tends to play centrally with Messi on the left and Aguero on the right. 7 games for him to get the golden boot with world class support.
  4. Winners: ArgentinaEngland overall: Knocked out in quarters by BrazilEngland vs Italy: 0-0England vs Uruguay: 1-1England vs Costa Rica: 3-0Golden boot: HiguainPlayer of the tournament: MessiI think Argentina have the best attacking options with three true world class forwards all likely to start and a world class midfielder in Di Maria. Defensively they are merely ok, but then again so are their main rivals Brazil.England will struggle through the group and pip Uruguay on goal difference as I think Italy will put a couple past them. Rooney will finally score at the World Cup against Uruguay and win his head to head against Suarez who will struggle with poor support from average midfielders. Spain will be the tournaments disappointments and go out in the quarters also, ending their golden era.Chile will be the suprise package and get as far as the semis. Germany will also do well, despite Reus being out. Ozil and Muller will show their class and Klose will be a bit part player, but come on as a sub and break the goal scoring record. Portugal also to to do suprisngly well, with Ronaldo showing his class.
  5. Friendlies are almost meaningless, played in second gear at best. All teams turn it up for competitive games. Also Honduras seemed intent on kickin lumps out of the England players at every opportunity and killing the game with negativity. And the thunderstorm didn''t help. In a tournament England would beat them (well struggle for seventy minutes before knocking a couple in).
  6. Adrian Chiles seems to me like a bloke who one day walked infront of a camera and started talking. Nobody stopped him and since then everyone has been to embarrassed to do anything about it. How did he ever get employment in the media, let alone the top job?!
  7. He scored no goals for the German side and two for Millwall since finally leaving us what, 18 months ago? He''s not exactly been setting the world alight. He had one spell of form for us towards the final stages of the promotion season and got some really important goals, but the rest of the time he was below average. So, I''m ooot.
  8. Cheers Alex, it''s really good to read the opinion of of a proper Bournemouth fan. I hope we can keep Surman, but if he''s done well down there and wants to join them I''m sure this deal will help oil the wheels of business. Also I assume the signing of Grabban means talks are already in place to shift either RvW or Hooper, but probably both. Also he writes that in a 4-4-2 Grabban played well of a target man, as well as alone. I wonder who we need to sign to fulfil that role if need be, assuming that Becchio is also on his way out. Wilbrahimovic had been released last time I saw!
  9. Fair play Jamar, well done. However the cynical part of me says this is Jamaica claiming him by capping him. Hedging their bets so they have him should be become good.
  10. There''s always a surprise team, which this year I believe could be Portugal. Ronaldo already proved he can play under pressure in big games by his hattrick against Sweden to get them qualified, and isn''t it now two Champions League finals he''s scored in, plus a ridiculous scoring record in domestic big games. However as I said they''re still my outside bet, Argentina with the best overall strike force including three world class strikers and a world class winger is where I''m placing my money.
  11. Argentina or Brazil are the obvious favourites, and I''d bet on Messi and co causing an upset by winning in their big rivals backyard. But Portugal are my outsid bet. They have the worlds best player, possibly ever, and are ranked three in the world. Brazil also has a similar climate which counts for a lot.
  12. Rickie Lambert is one of my favourite players. Not only is he an excellent striker but he also seems a top bloke. He''s admitted he''s living his dream and seems to be loving every moment. Now he''s joined his boyhood club and is going to the World Cup. Doesn''t get any better than that. Fair play to you Rickie, let''s hope you get some proper game time next season, and in Brazil.
  13. Wow, quoting using a phone doesn''t work very well. Mods! Sort out the coding. Smart phones aren''t a new thing!
  14. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Jonzey"]Assuming we sell Ruddy then clearly Bunn would be our No1 with Rudd as the No2. [/quote] Is that clear? [/quote] Yes. What''s your point? Bunn is clearly the most experienced of the two, the most senior, and better at this point in time.
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