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  1. Does this make anyone else as happy as me?That is 7 wins in 7 league gamesSurely this will give Neil Lennon the job full time at Celtic and put bed any idea of Paul Lambert leaveing us
  2. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]He''s not even a good player in League 1, quick but has absolutely no awareness and just keeps his head down. Can see Reading letting him go in the summer.[/quote]He is an average League 1 player at the mo.  I know alot of Saints fans as I live in Southampton and I also get to a few games and what he has is pace and a bit more pace but that is about it.  A big risk to take into the Championship I think.
  3. The support was not bad last night, the problem is at St Mary''s they make you sit down or chuck you out
  4. Promoted as League 1 Champions after Leeds go into their traditional mid season slump
  5. I was 3 rows in front of Dicky and his mates who got kicked out.  It was bad stwarding to the exstream because all it achieve was making us all stand up in support of them boys and that is how we stayed for the rest of the match.It seems to be that if 4 people stand up this isn''t allowed but if 400 people stand up this is fine...........strange
  6. If you care for your son I wouldn''t take him to a Norwich match at all.Do you want to go through the same misery we all go through every weekend for the rest of his life..............thats just cruel
  7. I think Roeder is doing a good job too.At the end of last season we just about stayed in the league and on the budget that Roeder was given we were hardly suddenly going to be title contenders.  Most championship clubs have a 3 year plan to get promotion to the Premership.  I think if we apply the standard 3 year plan to Norwich and Roeder i would see this as his first proper season.  Last season was all about avioding relegation and then starting again.I will be happy for us to aviod relegation again this year and hopefully finish in mid tabe to the upper half of the bottom of the table.  This is a realistic target which would give us the foundations to push on next season and be there or there abouts of the pleyoffs.  The following seaon i would then expect us to make a solid playoff push/automatic promotion. We need to give Roedaer time!!!  He has bought in some decent players so far but the team is still a long way short of being a promotion team.
  8. This is a 6  pointer tonight and a great opportunity for us to move away from the bottom 3 given the results from last night.  I certainly wouldn''t right us off against Reading as we always play better against better teams but realistically 3 point is very important tonight because we aren''t likely to get much at Reading
  9. Been sending emails to my 2 binner colleagues of the Croft Incredibles pic and the 2 - 0 score board...................they loved it!!!  Everytime I walk past then a mutter 2 - 0 followed by a mini chorus of come on you yellowsBeen doing that all day since 8 this morning and I think they are starting to get a bit annoyed about it now, still you gotta enjoy it while it lasts........Ha ha ha ha!! 
  10. I don''t understand how we can expect to go from narrowly avioding relegation last season to being at the top of the table this season.  It''s like Bolton fans expecting to be chanllengeing for a top 4 spot.  Ok the start to the season hasn''t been great but we are doing better now than what we were last season.  These things take time and I for one believe we are playing better football with a better squad of player than we did under PG.  It is proven that success is achieve with a manager being given time at the club for the long term, Eg Ferguson, Wenger, Moyles, O''Neil, Curbishly, Allardyce. We need to manage our expectations and say lets give GR 3 years to build a squad which can get us into the Prem and stay there.  If we made the playoffs this year and went up I think we would only have a Derby season and noboby wants that.  We are still at the beginning of the season right now and we shouldn''t really pay much attention to the table until Xmas.  I think we will have a solid mid table finish this year if we keep GR and I will be satisified with that with the expection that we push on next season and get a playoff spot.I don''t often post but read this message board most days and I''m getting tired of reading the same old doom and gloom.  This message board can be a pleasure to read as we have some very witty and funny characters who often make me laugh out loud when I''m mean''t to be working.  So common guys cheer up, the season has just started and it can still be a success if we get behind the team and realise the a mid table finish would be a good season when you consider we were nearly relegated last season.
  11. I went to my first game of the season last night as I live in Southampton and I was surprised to see him in the starting line and wondered if this could have had something to do with ''arry down the road.BUTI thought he was fantasic last night, the boy has got so much raw pace abot his game.  He mainly played coming in from the left wing and gave the Saints right back and awful time all night.  Had a couple of great opportunities to score and would have had it but been for great saves by Davies in goal for Saints.Whatever the reason he played, he did a great job unlike Fozzy I might add.
  12. Good articles, cheers guys.Its good to hear this kind of confidence coming out of the NCFC captain
  13. I''ve been in a box once but not at Carrow Road.A friend who supports Sheff Wed got us free tickets in a box for Cov vs Sheff Wed last season and I gotta say it was a great way to spend the day.  Not sure I would want to do it every week but a 3 course meal with free alcohol and some one to come round and take a match day bet for you was a good experience as a one off.Down side for me was that i didn''t really feel that comfortable dresing in a suit for a match (I dress in a suit every day for work), atmosphere isn''t as good and missed the pub banter before the match
  14. Yes Birmingham did have few players missing but they still had a strong team which most people would have expected to beat Saints when you consider that their current first team is basically last years youth team.I went to the match and Southampton not only won 2-0 but they also played them off the park.   It was the best I have seen Southampton play in about 2 years.  If we get the ball down and pass it around forming nice little triagles to link up play we stand a very good chance of beating them
  15. Having a big man up front doesn''t mean we going to become a long ball team.  What it will provide us with is another option, this will put the opiositon on the back foot because they will not know whether we are going to punt a long ball forward or create a chance through passing and movement.  At the moment other teams know that we have no airial threat so that is something they don''t even have to think about
  16. C RonaldoSurely he would be willing to take a pay cut to have the privillage of playing in the Yellow and Green.........
  17. I grew up in West Sussex so apart from Brighton which was by no means close to me I never had a local team to support.Some family moved to Norwich during the glory years of us finishing 3rd in the Premiership.I decided as a young lad that I would support Norwich as I came to Norwich often and would get a chance to see them play unlike other kids in the playground who supported Man U.So I was basically a kid glory supporter who picked the wrong team.I should of known i''d picked the wrong team when my first match was Norwich vs Southampton and we lost 4-5 in the last minute to a Ken Monkou winner I don''t regret it though as my blood is now and always will be Yellow and Green!!
  18. [quote user="Mangol Wurzel"]So, rather than sorting out the club''s finances, the board are off on a jolly to pay lip service to a bunch of braying, old school tie, City Boy types in the kind of gaff where Gordon Blair and his cronies meet up. Why? Why does the club pay any attention to these exiled so-called "fans"? Manchester United widely dispersed "fan" base is, quite rightly, derided and loathed in equal measure. How are the Capital Canaries any different from the Sarf Lahhndahn Reds? I glad that most REAL fans hurled abuse at these attention seekers when they marched round the pitch at Carrow Road. Stockbrokers pretending to like "association soccer" to give them something laddish to talk about over pink gins at the golf club. NCFC - a local club for local people Wurzel [/quote]How stupid are you?Just because people outside of Norfolk support NCFC it doesn''t make them any less of a fan. No wonder Norfolk has a reputation for being a bunch of inbreads when fools like you make comment such as "NCFC - a local club for local people"You sir are an idiot!!
  19. [quote user="rainbow"]As far as I can remember the Sellhurst shite hole is owned by Ron Nodes. If so then It is worth whatever the players are worth because their are no other assets so a couple of grand should see a sale![/quote] Ron Nodes did own the ground but I think Simon Jorden bought the ground off him about 3 years ago.  From what I remember Ron Nodes didn''t want to sell to SJ so SJ did a slie one and got someone else to purchase it on his behalf.  I might be wrong but i''m sure somehting like that happened
  20. Great article and so refreshing to see a footballer doing something like this
  21. I going to join you in being optimistic!! The takeover talk can only be bad news when trying to sign players because the selling club will always increase the price of a player if they think you have money to spend.  There is less than a month left of the transfer window and I would be very surprised if a takeover of the club could be done within that time (when you think it take 6 weeks mimimum to by a £200,000 house) so it makes sense to claim that the deal is off as any money PC has to invest would probably come in to late for this transfer window even if a deal was agreed today. Maybe come the start of the season talks will start again giving us money for the January transfer window.
  22. I have never seen Gow play so it hard for me to comment on his ability by from the reports i''ve heard he sounds like he could be a decent player for us as he fits Glenns bill to play in multiple position of a Midfielder or Striker. On the other hand, living in Southampton I have seen Rasiak play many times!!  He plays one position and one position only and that is on the edge of the box.  Don''t expect him to move to far from this position so the ball had better either be straight to feet or head.  He is one of the most lazy players i have ever seen!!  If he doesn''t scores goals early in the season expect the fans to be on his back because he really isn''t a team player.  He does score goals in the championship though and that can''t be argued so i''ll keep my fingers crossed he can return to the form of 2 seasons ago.
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