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  1.   Didnt Iwan Roberts get given community service because he admitted in his book stamping on muscat for what he did to bellers
  2.   People are saying that Rudd has no experiance but what experiance did the young arsenal keeper chesney (sp?) or what ever his name was have before being thrust into first team action, if iam correct it was a season in league 1.   Also i would take ruddy over forster
  3. iam sure our relagation season we won both our sky games. 2-0 against the lot down the road fatty patty and croft wonder 30 yarder. and 2-1 against nottingham forrest i think when the doc got sent off then fatty patty scored and they scored a own goal. or did i imagine those results???
  4. Norwich to win 4-0. Will score all in the second half towrads the River end (Like we should all second halfs) Starting in the 60th minute with a Holt Bullet Header from a LAppin freekick. Are scores Holt HAt-trick and the Doc
  5. Doesn''t FF contract run out in the summer??? or was that alnwicks???
  6. Played a sport with any ex or preseant (sp?) norwich players, asking this as i have just found out today that my uncle played tennis with Bryan Gunn and Rob Newman. So what about you lot??
  7. Grant ''The Horse'' Holt Paul ''WLY'' Mcviegh Hoolahoop
  8. We hold the record or not very good record of being the highest positioned team at christmas to get relegated from the primiership, we were 8th or something, it was nearly taken off us last season by hull.
  9. So is he any good?? what are his stats??? and do you think we have a offer to sign him perminantly (sp?) in jan??
  10. [quote user="B-ru"]I agree he could become good with some guidance and when he first arrived he looked like he was the man for the job. BUt I tihnk his number is up under Lambert. Not only did I hear him say "he''s useless" when caught in possession last night, but it looks like we are getting in a loan player today in teh position. This will either be his replacement or to give him a kick up the backside to play like we all want him to.[/quote]   Hopefully its the second one as all are other right backs are injured, i still think semmy can do a job here, and he was caught in position about twice, the rest of the time he played some good balls to smith and hoolahoop.
  11. [quote user="B-ru"] He has got a good cross on him, I will grant you that... but everything else seemed to be very average/poor really. If you compare the performance and play of him and Drury, he will be found lacking I''m afraid. Don''t get me wrong, I want him to do well and push on when going forward and put his foot in instead of staying with the winger. But he never seems to want to commit to anything. One small thing I have also noticed is that we all know he has electric pace, but always seems to leave to the last second to make a tackle as well as get caught in possession while trying to play the ball forward... [/quote] Its hard to judge as a wing back when you should go into a tackle because if you go to early your beaten and they can get in the box and if its to late they get a cross in the box. And drury does have a lot more experiance than semmy, hes a good palyer and he will come good we just need to get off his back, like we do with most of are players.
  12.   yeah thought he played really well did some decent runs down the right, sure it was him that crossed for holt to get his second goal which was disallowed, had there winger in his pocket most of the game and, and got decent blocks in.   and i think i got the spelling of upped wrong, what i meant was he has perfromed better since he has got back from injury as he knows he will lose his place if he plays badly like the rest of the team know.
  13. if its a right back it will be cover for semmy, who has upped his game since he got back from injury.
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