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  1. This really does prove my point how thte thread of this message board being like a civil war has turned into a ....... , opinions are opinions but don''t insist you are always right e.g. Smudger. This forum is just riddiculus to be honest and it does seem a bit repetative the points being made, make a point see what people say move on. If people don''t agree with you the 1st or 2nd time they probably won''t after your 1000th post of Board out, sack Gunn, sack the players, sack the fans, sack the stewards and sack the half-time clown. Some people need to get over themselves and realise they are not a big fish and have very little power in order to change things. Now we need to realise we are in league one now, there is nothing we can do about it and there is no point looking at the past and trying to fathom out where we went wrong, lets just move on and get behind our team. OTBC.
  2. Why does it feel like being in the middle of a Civil War when your posting on the pinkun? Where is the Unity?
  3. Thai Sweet Chilli Mcoys- Best New Crisps in years.
  4. I am Llera''s boyfriend i can confim he is coming to norwich;)
  5. What about Joe Lewis?? oh hang on....   Nelson had some experience with Orient, I beleive? Why can''t we just play whoever us playing better out of Nelson and Rudd? IMO Marsh will be gone (hopefully) possibly to where his last goal kick ended up at.
  6. TBH im doing what many other fans are goin dere 4. Have a piss up try and have a bit of fun, get the right result and what happens at plym happens, im just gunna get on that pitch and hopefully to celebrate staying up. But who knows what the future holds.
  7. I think im planning to take National Express Coach to Victoria does any1 know where i Have to go from there?
  8. Hi guys just wondering which is the best way to get down to Chalton on Sunday tried to get club canary tickets but sold out :( If anyone knows of any other coaches going down there or the best train route to be taken it would be of much help. Cheers.
  9. Pitch Invasion at Chalton would make Chalton pay for new pitch to be replayed which could possibly give us a financial advantage over them next seasons if we go down. Unless we decide we probably need a new pitch instead of buying new players.
  10. Was it just me or did anyone else see the passage of play in the second half where the referee played advantage to Norwich and then pulled back play in order to give a throw in. Totally bemused me.
  11. Im going to have to charge you for a fee for appering in your video.
  12. Simon Lappin. Hats off to him tbf. Hasn''t played all season and is still here trying to get back i the side.What a Legend
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