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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13584227.stm Will be interesting to see if we go back again.
  2. Was just interested to see the mentality of the fans. When you look at the league table, do you automatically look to see how many points below 2nd we are or how many points above 7th? For me it''s straight to the top and looking how far off automatic we are and then a quick check to see how "safe" our play-off position is. OTBC
  3. He hasn''t done very well if, as reported, he was holding out for more money at Norwich, he has now been unemployed for a month!
  4. [quote user="pennywise "]i often wonder what would happen if you forgot your match tickets ? do they charge you to reprint them ? maybe i`ll try it one day  just so i can start a thread about it [:D][/quote]   If it''s your season ticket then you just go to the ticket office and they print you a casual paper ticket for that match only..for free.
  5. Probably £2.5m and a points deduction...
  6. Doo we think it could be that Doc was offered a contract on lower wages and turned it down? or just not offered a contract? I guess we will never know.
  7. Q1) Worst dressed team-mate? A1) Michael Spillane, wears very loud in your face stuff.   Q2) Worst Car? A2) My black 2005 Peugeot 307, done about 45,00 miles a year. Because it gets so much abuse from the lads i''m gonna keep it, might treat myself to a new one if we get promoted.   Q3) Worst thing a manager has said to you? A3) This lad would chase a paper bag across the park - and probably eat it. Kenny Lowe at barrow commenting on my work-rate as opposed to my apetite.    Q4) Worst team mate in training? A4) D Russell, Hoolahan or me. Wes is either very good or very bad. I cant get up for training.   Q5) Worst away trip? A5) Walsall, their pitch is awful and the game was called off just before kick off.   Q6) Worst holiday? A6) Me and the wife went to a supposedly quiet spot on Ibiza. Our room was above a nightclub. Awful.   Q7) Worst piece of clothing you''ve bought? A7) A maroon Hugo Boss jacket bought for £120. I wore it once, wish I''d tried it on.
  8. can they switch the tie to carrow road? I know you used to be able to but I think they stopped it. Am sure they would like to play at Carrow road and woul get more money that way.
  9. I heard it, Lakey on mousehold! Can''t remember what u said though mate!   But in answer to your question, no I dont know sorry!
  10. Check on the official site on monday under: Commercial/Lotteries (its not on there at the moment) You never know the "official golden goal" time may be a few seconds different to the BBC. I think you get a fiver for being within 5 seconds. 
  11. there are 4 of them! all that way in a car boot, i''d take the bus any day!
  12. I have 3 adult tickets available together (£10 each) in the lower N+P if anybody is interested..... email me mfsanders1382@hotmail.com
  13. didnt they say it was agreed by a fourth member before they stepped down?
  14. According to Sky Sports, Kevin Blackwell has been named manager of the month and Marcus Tudgay player of the month.
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