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  1. [quote user="Lambert is King"]Handsworth in Birmingham and commute[/quote] Oi I live in Handsworth. It''s not that bad really! Although there is a shady house down the road from me that always it''s curtains drawn and smells of herbs...
  2. agreed. once the second went in it seemed as loud as carrow road. quality support tonight - good effort.
  3. [quote user="manchesteryellow"]Hello all, just back from the game. Player ratings as follows... Forster - 8 - Kicking not a problem today, despite a difficult pitch. Might have done better for their goal, but I can''t be sure because there was one of several posts in view. Fantastic save at the end that earnt us the three points. M. Russell - 5 - Solid enough in defence, but too many misplaced passes when going forward. Doherty - 8 - Several last ditch tackles and blocks, and not once did I see him hugging an opposition striker in the box. One or two slips, but a very committed performance. Nelson - 8 - Could easily copy and paste the Doherty rating here. Solid, no distribution - but everything you expected. Drury - 6 - Would earn a higher rating, did nothing wrong, but came off too early to have a real impact on the game. Hope his injury was nothing serious. Lappin - 5 - Didn''t really notice him after he got shifted to left back - I suppose that means he did a decent job, but I always feel he''s wasted in that position - Lambert didn''t have much choice but to put him there after Drury coming off though. Also conceded one too many silly fouls. Russell - 6 - Fantastic effort as you''d expect from Rusty, but gave the ball away too many times, and other than one fantastic effort on goal he was always looking sideways rather than forward. Smith - 7 - Great work-rate, always looking to do something with the ball when he had it, sadly never quite found it. Hoolahan - 8 - His usual self, always the focal point of our game. The pitch didn''t help him, but that was one hell of a ball to set up Cody for the winner. C Martin - 7 - Unlucky with a couple of speculative efforts, and was always going to be outmuscled by their defence, particularly without Holt alongside to play off. Great effort, but doesn''t quite look the real deal yet, needs a partner with more experience alongside. Johnson - 6 - Some inspired pieces of skill, and unlucky not to equalise just before half time, but his first touch let him down, and too frequently stopped a run to find himself without support. Needs time to get used to our style of play. Subs Hughes - 7 - I''m still not sure where his best position is. I get the feeling he doesn''t know either. Impressed by his battling though, and has a pretty good touch on him too. McNamee - 7 - Didn''t get too much of the ball, but when he did he always looked like he was going to cause trouble. Inspired subsitution by Lambert to bring him and Cody on. Their defence had looked solid until the injection of fresh legs and pace. McDonald - 8 - I have a soft spot for Cody, despite the fact that he looks like the kind of bloke I''d go out of my way to avoid in public. Great composure to slot in the winner, and chased down every lost cause as usual. Johnson may be more technically gifted, but I''m pretty sure Cody was the first player today to win the ball from a Forster punt downfield. Thank you, Any elaborations or further opinions will be posted on request after I''ve had a few hours sleep! [/quote]   Were we at the same game?? Doherty looked awful from where I was sat - a 5 out of 10 at a push "M. Russell - 5 - Solid enough in defence, but too many misplaced passes when going forward." - Firstly, it''s Russell Martin and he was much better than the Doc. Drury wasn''t on long enough to give a real score, however, it was when he went off that we began to fall apart, which goes to show how vital he has been in our success so far this season. Apart from Chris Martin and Cody Mac (who both get a 7 from me) everyone else worth a five or six out of ten in my eyes. It was a poor performance all round but we managed to grind out a result and that''s the sign of true champions. We''ll finish top, I reckon, but hey, I''ve not got 10,000,000 posts so you probably don''t care what I think. The Norwich I saw today reminded me of the Norwich of last year. With the defense sitting far too deep, the constant loss of posession and Doherty providing the odd hoof, it was only slightly reminiscent of the roeder days. Having said that, the fact we grinded out a decent result just goes to show far we''ve come, admitedly aginst poorer opposition, since the dark days of last year. Great day out (although I only live three stops from the bescot, so hardly a day out) and the atmosphere was amazing. 10 out of 10 for the fans. OTBC.
  4. Chav is a buzzword (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzzword) for anyone who behaves antisocially although it''s origins lay in people who spend more than they earn on material objects (mainly clothes) - hence the association with claiming benefits. Some people say it stands for Council House And Violent, CHatham AVerage or Common Horrible and Vile - but these are just coincidental and rather convenient acronyms as the word Chav was used way before these acronyms were coined (before the term Chav was officially included in the English dictionary they were often called ''townies'', ''kevs'' and ''scallys'' etc.) It is often cited that ''chavism'' has routes in the soccer casuals subculture, however, unlike soccer casuals, chavs tend to resort to violence at the first opportunity regardless of the football team one supports. in basic terms, a chav is basically a lazy little runt who loves violence and Stone Island, or in language Houston Canary can adhere to, Trailer Trash! Sorry for the essay but Chav, and particularly its recent (in terms of the history of the English Language) transformation from local dialect to a fully fledged English word, is something which I have studied since GCSE. I Hope this helps, Houston Canary! Oh and a Scoucer basically a Chav from Liverpool!
  5. http://www.4thegame.com/football-statistics/
  6. I hope he''s taking the pi$$ out of everyone who seems to refer to cullum as cullen/cullem/callum and everyon''es just missed the point of his post! If not though then Canary Charge really is a plank!
  7. to be fair, CT isn''t changing his story - he told me the exact same thing on facebook last week. Whether it''s true or not is another matter. hope so though!
  8. jesus christ, does it really matter that he wasn''t grammatically correct, it''s only a flipping message board - you and your wife understood what he was saying perfectly!
  9. [quote user="Clipped Canary"]There are only 2 good things to come out of Coventry. The Enemy and, errrrr........... Ok 1 then.[:$][/quote] The Enemy? A good thing? :| The only good thing to come out of Coventry are The Specials!
  10. The best pic is the one of the ''serious warning'' sign. Shouldn''t it read: ''... result in you being ejected from this ground and/or arrested'' rather than: "... result in your being ejected from this ground / and or arrested" I wonder if Hollywood signs (or whoever it was who sponsored every bloody substitution) made it?
  11. Drinking definitely makes the inevitable defeat much more bearable. Although I was falling asleep by about 2.30 Stewards are generally morons but that''s just ridiculous.
  12. [quote user="SnakepitCanary"]Any Away friendly pubs which is relatively near the ground?[/quote] The Wellington is a good pub - especially if you like Real Ales (they normally have 15 on) and it''s only 5 mins walk from New Street Station! http://www.thewellingtonrealale.co.uk/ ^there''s a map under the ''contact'' section of the website. Another great pub, although it''s a bit out of town, is The Barton''s Arms. http://www.oakhamales.com/bartonabout.asp ^again, there''s a map under the ''contact'' section!
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