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  1. 2nd October is good for me! Man City to beat Southampton this week. For the Norwich game, BTTS Hanley FGS.
  2. Who has the worst start after 3 matches? Who has the worst start after 5? It's not really a record that is worth writing down is it.
  3. Thanks for your feedback @PurpleCanary, I'll pass it on to see if it can be discussed at the next meeting on the 16th.
  4. What do you mean by 'not without risk', and what are your concerns with the scheme?
  5. Yep they are the same ones, there was a bloke before you got to the turnstile when I reached the South Stand who was telling people to touch the card rather than scan it, but I don't know how useful he would have been nearer to kick off.
  6. Agreed, the issue to me seemed to be less turnstiles open and some more funnelling for bag checks which rarely happened previously. One thing the club hadn't made it clear prior to the game was that season tickets needed to be used like a contactless card at the turnstile now, rather than being placed under the scanner. I witnessed loads of fans trying to do the latter in the South Stand which slowed things down too. Hopefully now everyone knows that, things will be better for the Leicester game.
  7. Have never forgiven him for leaving that key question unanswered...
  8. Good luck to you both this weekend. My pick is AFC Fylde to beat Boston United in the Conference North. For the Norwich game, I'm going Double Chance Norwich or Draw which is currently priced at a very healthy 7/1 on Bet365.
  9. I think we've agreed on all of that, but perhaps on this occasion the club intended for this to be filled in by group members? The club can't be held accountable for someone then choosing to post it elsewhere. I'm sure if the club wanted this to go to all the supporters then they will post it via their official channels which have a far higher social media/other media following than any of the groups or us as individuals will have.
  10. I wasn't suggesting that wider views aren't valid, just that the email we received seemed to be worded as if it was for group members to complete.
  11. I think you're right Diane, the way the email was worded seemed to suggest that it was for members of the group to complete the survey.
  12. Thank you educating me, I had no idea about Barcelona's current financial plight. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/12219026/max-aarons-transfer-news-norwich-place-35m-price-tag-on-defender-as-bayern-munich-begin-negotiations
  13. Barca and Bayern must have been confused when we sent his height to them in feet and inches...
  14. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/ncfc-rumours-man-utd-full-back-to-sign-8243886 I find this one a bit odd, he's very high profile to have sitting on the bench - which surely Man U wouldn't agree to either.
  15. I think this process is fine for topics which are clearly affecting a lot of people as we're seeing with the ticket office - it gives us as the OSP and the club a defined route to provide updates to multiple people/the wider fanbase in one hit. Where this process fails is if people bring up small issues which they expect a response to from the OSP/club, when they could contact the club themselves about it, not picking on your particularly @Greavsy but the bottles/paper cups thing would probably be a good example of that. This is the sort of thing which, in my opinion, wouldn't make the agenda for the next meeting in September - and if it did the meeting would probably still be taking place when it came round to having the following meeting in the new year! I don't want to pull up the drawbridge, but there obviously has to be a line where the OSP get involved and don't just become a conduit for minor complaints, which does add unnecessary red tape to what would otherwise be a simple conversation between a fan/customer and the club.
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