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  1. Plenty of people singing it around me in the South Stand
  2. We (The OSP) have been told it's being looked into, but nothing beyond that.
  3. Ah see I think it was the other way round, from listening to his interview. It sounds like (to me), that we'd contracted with an agency to make it known that there was an opportunity to invest in the club. They contacted Attanasio through the Werner connection at FSG/Red Sox, and he was receptive...hence the email then appeared in Anthony Richens' inbox.
  4. Pretty sure Smith said Hanley felt his shoulder after half time, I was mainly referencing the first half.
  5. Don't disagree with this, I thought Todd was a culprit last night (off the ball). He looked good when we were going forward in those first 20 mins, but he left Byram exposed to the point where I started feeling very sorry for him.
  6. 50/50? What game were you watching? Wells wraps his arm around his neck and strangles him to the ground and then it looks like he gets a kick in the head for good measure. I'd advise you go back and watch it again. I don't think the Sinani tackle just prior to that is a foul, his touch was bad and he was slow to release the ball.
  7. Got some guy and his friend behind me who constantly cry 'FORWARD' when we're playing it around the back. If you don't like it I'd advise you go and watch some local football because it's commonplace now. The stats show that it's successful and leads to more chance creation that just aimlessly pumping the ball up to the strikers and looking for scraps off them. We weren't at our best last night, but we also barely needed to try to get a two goal lead. Be careful what you wish for.
  8. The facilities at Colney are fantastic. World class, I don't know, but they are very impressive.
  9. Yep it did, but it still allows for a scenario where Foulger remains as well in response to Essex's point.
  10. In Michael Bailey's Athletic article he says that one of the resolutions passed last night allows for a Director to be appointed/remain in place without a shareholding. You will all know better than me if that is the case or not? Therefore he could remain despite selling his shareholding to Attanasio.
  11. I'm pretty sure the foundation of the OSP predates the findings of the Crouch Report as we discussed it in a meeting late last year.
  12. Yeah exactly, I think there were just lots of questions around how it would work/how the club could officially sanction it. As @Lessingham Canary says, we weren't told it was definitely happening, or when it would happen, just asked for general opinions on a drum at games.
  13. The last meeting took place before the new season started.
  14. We were consulted about the drum. I think the general opinion was it could be good, but needed to be done properly. I made it clear that if they were going to do it, they shouldn't put it outside of the crowd, but in the Barclay or Snakepit, because you need people around the drummer to actually generate any sort of chant from it. That's why it seems to work at away grounds. I'm not sure whether that is covered in the minutes though. I'm sure the general atmosphere is something we could discuss at the next meeting.
  15. I did ask Giannis to visit a month or so ago, he obviously ignored me. I'm going to see a Bucks game next month though, so I'll try and invite him again then
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