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  1. I'm not a happy clapper, but you have to give Delia credit for allowing the restructure of the club recently. She could quite easily have continued along the path we were going down, and would rightly have been criticised for that. I'm not really sure why you aren't addressing me directly rather than espousing to the room, but whatever turns you on. Your post screams of 'glass half empty', strange. Still, I assume you have your reasons.
  2. Jesus Christ, talk about glass half empty. How can you also be so derisory of Delia, calling her 'The Cook', after the way the club has been reshaped in the past four years? She is ultimately the 'owner' of this club and had the final say in that happening, not forgetting the relative (especially in comparison to our neighbours) success over the past 25 years. We've got a lot to thank Delia for.
  3. Should be, if the plan actually works... The rollout would suggest that by August we should be seeing larger events approved, so I'd imagine that 25% cap would be lifted. To what though, who knows.
  4. As I said, 'if things continue as they are, we wont be visiting Carrow Road again this season'.
  5. From the 12th May "In the largest outdoor seated venues, where crowds can be spread out, up to 10,000 people will be able to attend (or a quarter-full, whichever is lower)". The Championship season proper ends on the 8th May, so as long as things continue as they are, we wont be visiting Carrow Road again this season.
  6. Well past it, and I think by the end of the 37th game it's 15 yellows.
  7. No it's not true. I'm getting them for 'free' because the club still have the money that was supposed to be used for a season ticket this season.
  8. The product everyone who isn't using a VPN receives has changed though, and that is why the price has doubled. The fact you paid less and used a VPN to receive a video feed too is completely irrelevant to the cost for users purchasing an iFollow pass domestically. If i walked out of Tesco with a 2 for 1 deal on my favourite beverage, but the week after it was back to full price, am I entitled to complain because the same offer isn't available any more? I do agree that the club don't miss out on what they would never receive, but for everyone who has no intention of paying the £10 fee there will be someone who thought about it but then just watched a stream and cut it whichever way you like but that is missed revenue. I don't have an issue with someone choosing to stream, and I doubt the EFL/iFollow care much either because finding a stream that works for 90 minutes and provides the same quality as iFollow can be very very time consuming.
  9. I hope people don't expect too much too soon from Soto. He's been put on a pedestal a bit; looking forward to seeing how he progresses once he starts training at Colney.
  10. Completely agree, in a technical sense I think they are the best two players ever to play for Norwich. Two slightly different players, but Maddison in that 17/18 season was something else.
  11. Can we get someone to lock the thread so this soap opera can disappear from the top of the forum please? @Pete Raven
  12. After a few seasons in the lower leagues I have no problem with that, I'd love to have a couple of derbies to look forward to. So long as they don't get ideas of becoming better than us.
  13. I mean the situation currently is funny, especially as Lambert is involved, but I do feel a bit sorry for them. The rivalry is obviously much better when we are competing on a similar level, the Play-Off Semi Finals recently and the Milk Cup semi in the past are proof enough of that. If they continue to struggle, and remain stuck in the lower leagues for years it will get boring. Then when/if the wheel turns, it will be far much more fun for them than for us. If they get stuck permanently, who becomes our rival then? Spurs? West Ham? Leicester? None of them will care about us, and rightly so.
  14. The season so far has seen so many of our players putting in fantastic performances week in week out. The team as a whole, as Chris Goreham said last night to Farke are a 'well oiled machine'. I can't remember a season where I have felt so confident in our defence, and not that nervous with a 1 goal lead (although that may be more to do with us not being in the stadium). I genuinely believe that the key man in all of this has been Oliver Skipp, and I know he has been in for plenty of praise but for a 20 year old he is quite simply outstanding. We have been crying out for a player in his mould ever since the promotion to the Premier League under Lambert in 2011. I can't remember the amount of summers that have gone where people have asked for a good DM to be signed, who not only shields the defence but has the quality to then spring attacks with accurate passing and dribbling. Tettey was the option signed by Hughton, and he's done a good job over the years, but he's not in the same league as Skipp. I don't think it's that ridiculous to state that if we'd have had a player like Skipp under Hughton, we'd probably have done a far better job of staying up. He would have been a great addition to the style of football we were playing at the time. Under Farke after 18/19 it was obvious we needed a player like that in the summer before venturing on another season of Premier League football. Webber thought Amadou could be that man, but injuries and I'm assuming attitude quickly put paid to that. Again I don't think it's silly to say that with Skipp (or a similar player) in the team last season, we would have done a better job of staying up - especially after Project Restart. His ball retention is fantastic, his defensive maturity is quite amazing for someone so young, and his ability to bring the ball forward is also second to none. I doubt we'll be able to sign him in the long term, but another season on loan would be great. The real shame will be when he inevitably returns to Spurs and we have to replace him. Sorensen may be that option, but I genuinely believe Skipp will be a world class player and a regular England starter within the next few years. Brilliant.
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