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  1. I personally think it was a bit different with Ashton. Firstly it was clear that signing him in January '05 was a mistake, and we should have got him in the previous summer - so everyone felt like him being at the club for only a year meant we'd missed out. Also, if I remember correctly, after a poor start we'd turned a corner in December 2005 and were either on the edge of or just inside the playoff spots. The whole Ashton affair then unsettled the team, got the KTF/WO debates going again, and we just stumbled to the end of the season. It did feel, at the time, that he only left for the money because we could have potentially pushed on that season and West Ham were a newly promoted club. Not forgetting the whole 'injury' debacle which kept him out of the West Ham cup game.
  2. No can't see a sell on clause being included, but definitely clauses for appearances, international appearances etc etc.
  3. I can see him going for £15m + significant add ons. It would be interesting to know whether it's Liverpool or Lewis' agent who is making all the noise in the press. If it's Liverpool then I think they've underestimated our financial position currently, £8m + add ons is farcical really.
  4. I don't believe the club would tweet something like that and then release the kit either 5 (10th Aug) or 9 (14th Aug) days later - the joke will be well and truly worn out by then.
  5. No, he is not. This word gets bandied about so much now, it's ridiculous. He had an OK five or so years with us but that's it.
  6. Would be very interested to compare and contrast some of the comments made by posters here to when Bennett left the first time. Webber would have been involved in the decision to release him in 2017, so aside from the fact we need a CB, what would have changed in Webber's mind over the past 3 years?
  7. I have a season ticket and an away membership, the membership card came in that awful package with the silk scarf.
  8. Pritchard or one of the Murphy twins I'd say, you're probably right with Jacob @Mason 47.
  9. Some embarrassing posts in this thread, I would be very sad to see Ipswich go 'bust' and disappear. The first fixture I look for when we are in the same league is the derby, I don't believe any sane Norwich fan would want to see them go down the pan.
  10. I'm sure there were a minority of people who turned up at the weekend genuinely looking to 'protect' statues and make a point - although why they felt that was necessary when the BLM march was postponed/moved I'm not too sure. I would also hope that once it became obvious that this was just an excuse for a big p*** up/coke fest the genuine protestors went home. The pictures from the weekend, where far less people turned up in comparison to the BLM marches across the country, tell you all you need to know about the majority of people that turned up. They don't really care about the statues, they may believe they care about our country, but it's based on nationalistic views which in turn start to lead people down a very shady garden path. There were streams of urine, cans of lager everywhere and people running up behind the police and kicking them, or punching them and running away to let their 'mates' take a few hits of a baton. The guy urinating next to the police memorial sums up Saturday's 'protests', I'm sure he had no idea what he was doing, but when you pitch your protest in the context of 'protecting statues' to then be so oblivious to your surroundings is pathetic. Canarywary's post sums things up well.
  11. I got slammed by Norwich fans on Twitter back in March, when I suggested we'd resume in May and finish in June. A month out, but I don't really know why anyone is surprised by the PL trying to get this season finished.
  12. I bet his accountant would be surprised to hear that.
  13. So they intentionally put strain on hospitals in the North West, whilst simultaneously also potentially bringing Covid into a hospital that may not have previously been exposed to the disease. Clearly well within the lockdown rules and regs...
  14. Unless I'm mistaken, and I very well may be, I don't think the u23 teams are allowed to win the competition? I read that somewhere recently and it surprised me.
  15. Managed to get mine. I completely agree that this scheme is a farce and that really all was needed was to reduce the amount of points season ticket holders gained - and potentially add bonus points to your account for attending 5, 10, 15 away games last season. I would add that I wonder how many will be moaning when the Burnley tickets go on sale, or Southampton on a Wednesday night in December...
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