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  1. ncfcstar

    Oxford United

    Unless I'm mistaken, and I very well may be, I don't think the u23 teams are allowed to win the competition? I read that somewhere recently and it surprised me.
  2. ncfcstar

    West Ham tickets

    Managed to get mine. I completely agree that this scheme is a farce and that really all was needed was to reduce the amount of points season ticket holders gained - and potentially add bonus points to your account for attending 5, 10, 15 away games last season. I would add that I wonder how many will be moaning when the Burnley tickets go on sale, or Southampton on a Wednesday night in December...
  3. Just going to leave this here..... Norwich City v Newcastle UnitedReferee: Stuart Attwell Assistants: Constantine Hatzidakis, Derek Eaton Fourth official: Tom NieldVAR: Simon HooperAssistant VAR: Neil Davies
  4. ncfcstar

    BT Sport forecasts

    Also we only had three seasons in the Championship, not four.
  5. ncfcstar

    Liverpool tickets

    Sounds like he's done his job then, because they've generated £xxx,xxx of revenue that wouldn't have existed otherwise.
  6. ncfcstar

    So sad

    It's true. I've just moved back to Suffolk after a few years in the Midlands. When I was growing up I was the only Norwich fan I knew at my school for years (changed a bit in 04/05 for some reason...), but even then I couldn't remember seeing many Norwich shirts around. I was at the ASDA in Ipswich on Saturday for 10 minutes and saw two Norwich shirts. That ASDA is in one of what I would have classed previously as the 'hardcore' ITFC heartlands of Ipswich, I'd never have even considered seeing a Norwich shirt there 20 years ago unless it was mine.
  7. ncfcstar

    One club, one team

    We do have a women's team - https://twitter.com/NCFCLadies As far as I can remember the official link to the club is only fairly recent.
  8. ncfcstar

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    To ensure that we smash Ipswich in the EFL Trophy.
  9. ncfcstar

    New Kit???

    Looks that way, also confirms that the kit is Errea.
  10. ncfcstar

    New Kit???

    My source is pretty reliable.
  11. ncfcstar

    Oxford goalkeeper sent off

    I understand it isn't the rule, but it seems like a flaw in the current laws of the game which can be easily gamed to the advantage of the defending team.
  12. ncfcstar

    Oxford goalkeeper sent off

    My opinion on this is that if this was the 94th minute of a final/crucial game and the keepers know that catching the ball in the same kind of scenario as last night = yellow it will encourage keepers to catch the ball outside the area. It should be a red.
  13. ncfcstar

    Stiepermann booking

    Yes, you now require 15 to be suspended.
  14. ncfcstar

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Well done all, but where do I moan about Brexit now?
  15. ncfcstar

    sky red button

    I have Sky Q and it is in HD, so no complaints from me. Didn''t realise it wasn''t in HD for all customers though!