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  1. Batshuayi may not have Lukaku or Benteke''s height but based on his youtube goals he certainly shows on a number of occasions the physical strength to match them. Hard to knock off the ball and able to bully defenders off balance. Would be delighted with a signing like this.
  2. This just reminds me of Wolves and replacing Mick McCarthy with Terry Connor...
  3. I think generally the MLS is perceived to give a little more protection to dribbling players and more space for them to exploit. To that extent I''m sure it would give plenty of opportunites for our younger players to gain confidence and technique on the ball. BUT... will that experience help them adapt quickly to the rigours of the Premier League? I''m not so sure. Obviously pros and cons to it, I think it''s quite an interesting idea though.
  4. I think the Hull fans are more interested in the owner than the football at the moment, especially after his comments in the paper. Could end up being this seasons Blackburn.
  5. Looking at that line out it looks like we''re going to be sitting deep and relying on the pace of Redmond, Pilks and Howson on the break. Fingers crossed that it works.
  6. Annoyingly they should have been down to 10 men before they even scored, horrendous challenge by Larsson. Would have been a completely different game.
  7. Yeah let''s get rid of our manager and replace him with Malky... the manager that took off two attacking players for two defensive minded players at half-time, while playing the team 3rd from bottom and the game at 0-0. The hypocrisy on this forum is unreal. Who are the genuine replacements if Hughton left??? Holloway? Malky? Pulis? O''Neil?? Eurgh, people seem to forget that we have a young but promising manager at our club who I well respected amongst the football community of which have a greater understanding of the game than most of you key board warriors. rant over and breath.
  8. I didn''t know there were many of us this side of the country. We always watch the games at Clifton Wine Bar, they do some of the best burgers I''ve ever tasted.
  9. Looks like Vaz Te is the winger coming in to cover Benno''s injury... Decent cover, I guess.
  10. It would be the icing on the cake of one of the most interesting/successful transfer windows if we finished it off with someone as classy as Cabella/Toivonen etc. We can dream. Would still love Sigurdsson from Spurs on loan though.
  11. Could be this seasons Michu. Would be really happy with this signing but I get the impression Elmander''s signing closed the door on this one. Toivonen or Sigurdsson would definitely add goals from midfield to our squad. Quality signings both of them, we can hope.
  12. "According to the Nottingham Evening Post, Nottingham Forest will make a bid for a ''Premier League striker with a proven track record of scoring goals in the Championship'' after today''s game against Watford."Can''t help but think this is referring to Luciano... I can see another SS/AM coming in if he does go.
  13. Based on Hughton''s preference of players with a bit of versatility I could actually see us being interested in Moses if he became available on loan. Would be able to cover us on the left and right wing plus in the hole. Could be a real coup if we could pull that loan signing off.
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