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  1. I''m in the exact same boat of having ordered tickets but not having any email confirmation. My online canary account says the tickets are bought and the transaction shows to have gone through on my online banking so surely it must have gone through, still a bloody pain though. I don''t have the time to sit on the phone in a que of 50 people at work to confirm its gone through, and the email I sent yesterday has not been responded to but that''s fair enough considering how busy the system is at the moment. fingers crossed really. Are there many of us with no email confirmation??
  2. Hes retired from football, his insurence payed out 3 mil to him so he wont be in any hurry to do anything.
  3. My mate is a millwall fan and I went to the play off final with him last month. There were a lot more Millwall fans than Scunthorpe, after the game a bit of harsh banter going outside wembey, just a few lads telling the "Northern monkeys" to F**k off. I thought that would be it then we walked down the road just off wembley way and a fan was getting battered in by a few fans and as we walked by he was lying on the floor still with blood dripping from his head, heavy police presence after this but they couldnt stop much, a lot of fans getting angry on the tube getting into the faces of the police chanting murderers muderers. Obviously the heat of the occasion was getting to a minority, but still something I didnt expect to see.
  4. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] The bankers who are largely responsible for f***ing up the world economy have been kicked out for their recklessness and lack of judgement.  The current government will almost certainly be kicked out (though i dread a Tory government.....) for their blunders and spin obsession.  If the council didn`t collect your rubbish for two months no doubt you would be onto them to buck their ideas up before you go to the press to shame them for their incompetence.  If someone came round to fix your boiler and charged you £200 only to leave it in an even worse condition you would phone the company and give them hell. But perhaps the "proud" reaction to these situations is to give them a round of applause and say "well they meant well and tried to do a good job, but it didn`t really work out", or "well they made some mistakes but it`s only fair that they remain in a position where they can continue messing things up by making some more"?? What would make me proud of NCFC supporters is if they showed some pride and passion and en masse told those who have brought our club to its knees that they`ve done enough damage and their time is up. [/quote]   Good job its only football then mate. And at least your showing some passion in still posting on this message board because your so commited to the club. I think your one of the loyal fans.
  5. Thank you. By the way I do really care what happens on the pitch, its just at times as bad as this on the football pitch (when our team is mainly players who actually play for other teams and not our team, as im sure your well aware of by your name Loan City Fc), I do feel that I need to say, who does care about that factor when its not even our players out there, because at least Im just a fan whos going to come back week after week and give my support and heart to the club. Its only the players who stay here for years and become fans of the club who go down as legends, e.g Iwan, and I dont too many of them in our team on the pitch at the minute. So what im saying is, despite the state of the team on the pitch, at least im proud im going to come back week after week and give it my all, even if there not.
  6. We are the most loyal and pasionate supporters in the country without a doubt. The loyalty demonstrated by the 17000 season ticket renewals despite the state of the team we will be watching, and the passion shown by the fact we all deep down, even though we dont all admit it, sit there glued to our seats, radio sets etc because something inside us (called our heart funnily enough) tells us we can get a win out of this game, and stand that extra inch tall for the next 7 days at least, and even though this happens about 5 times a year, if were lucky, we still keep the faith and support what we our passionate towards no matter what. There are not many clubs in the world who can claim they have a set of fans like that. That is why we should always stand tall and call ourselves a Norwich fan no matter what. It is not our fault what happens to the club, we are not the people who make the big decisions sadly, and we also are not the ones who get paid thousands to pull on the shirt and not even give it our all for 90 minutes at least. I just feel in the current crisis we find ourselves in, it is important to remember one thing, we our the Norwich City fans and we are the only people at the minute who are doing this club proud. Who cares what happens on the pitch I will always call myself a Norwich fan no matter what league were in, because of the simple fact we are the best fans out there, and although we all disagree with eachother, we will always have to accept the fact we share something in common, we are one of the great fans that support this club. Remember that.
  7. Id like to see a good name in the seat and not another gamble on an unknown like Grant was. Ince, not so well in the prem but proven hes good enough in the lower leagues. Roy Keane, might not want to get back into it yet but a potential good appointment if he is up for doing a job on limited/no funds. Curbs, good boss at Charlton, would be a good appointment in a lot of eyes, I would defianantly take him. who else...
  8. Just because weve not shot into the play-offs straight away again doesnt mean hes doing a bad job. Compared to the mess we were in when he arrived at the club I would say the ship is well and truely steady for now. I dont think anyone in here heart of hearts believes the team we have now isnt capable of getting enough points to stay in this league. Fair enough we have had a few bad loans and I agree too many loans, but I cannot think of one bad permenant signing as of yet, and lets be honest with the loans he made last season we wouldnt be in this league without them. He has only took on board players who he knows will do a good job, and hes done it with next to nothing in the transfer market. We need to understand rebuilding a team will not happen over night and it wont happen in a january transfer window either, but gradually he WILL get the right players in this club that will get us to bigger things, Pattison Clingan Stefanovic Bell to name a few of his excellent signings so far, and if he gets Lita for the prices that are being said that will be signing of the season without question. Changing manager now would be a terrieble move for the club, Roeder is only going to take us up for where we are now. His record so far. Norwich City 30 October 2007 Present P 35 W 13 D 13 L 9     52 points from 35 games. Thats very respectable, and proves he isnt doing a bad job with this team.
  9. Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnGL_VdkNTw&feature=related watch that interview Hucks says how he looks on the pinkun, what a ledgend. start a pole about whether he should make it known about what his account name is lol. Bet he would have some interesting posts to give us all.
  10. LOL that was quality, my god Hucks must have been have a chuckle up in his head, I bet he was clueless when the geezer started talking about his wonder goal against Manchester.
  11. the idiot gives Pattison a 7 and says its his best game?!?! He was at least a 9 his work rate was world class.
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