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  1. Mangol Wurzel

    Wurzel says............

    Wurzel also says.... (in his slow, slurred tones)... that when we go daaahhhhnnn, we goin daaahhhnnnn for a long stretch without parole.

    I can dig out my old Division Three (South) runners -up souvenir crossbow.

    Can you still take crossbows into the ground?

  2. Mangol Wurzel

    Wurzel says............

    I''ll shoot that dawwwggg if he''s worryin my sheep

    Git orf moi laahhhnndddd

  3. Mangol Wurzel

    Wurzel says............

    We''re going dahhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!

    Got a nasty feeling in my animal excrement covered boots that the coup de gras will be delivered by the scummers.

    At least we''ve got a reasonable chance of visit to the new McWembley (TM) in the Jonstones Paint Trophy.

    Git orf moi lahhhhnnndd!

  4. Oh, I know this one!

    Is it Desert Orchid?

  5. Mangol Wurzel

    The dream team

    Sorry, I''ve only just got back from dogging downWhittlingham Lane. Is it true that the "Three Amigos" have been appointed? It''s a brave move. Some would say foolhardy. I love Captain Canary, Splat and Aviva. But not in a, you know, biblical way. If results do go against them, I''d blame Aviva first. Jonny come lately bar steward. I could never the Captain. I might just rise to a "Captain, sort it out" but I wouldn''t boo him. Can''t wait till the Southampton game. Will they have new managerial outfits?
  6. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    Getting back to the dream pairing, there seems to be some confusion over whether or not Malcolm Allison is dead or not. Could anyone please enlighten us? His being brown bread may not be an insurmountable problem - a bit of Doris Stokes stylee "beyond the grave" coaching may liven things up at Colney

  7. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    Perhaps they could mark the start of their managerial partnership with a rousing duet of "Ebony and Ivory" in the centre circle before thier first game. I think it would bring a lump to fans'' throats
  8. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    The OFFICIAL Big Ron for Manager Protest will be meeting in the Cat and Fiddle, Magdalen Street at 1.00.

    Please wear a sheepskin coat, sovereign rings and plenty of Superdrug Summer Glow

    Get it SORTED Doncaster!!

  9. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    If we could get Big Ron as manager and Malcolm Allison as Director of Football, THAT would be the dream team to end all dream teams. Plus Big Ron knows loads of dead famous sorts, the Baron Knights, people like that. His arrival would usher in a new era of glamour. He might even get Jethro to go to a game.

    This could be the start of soemthing BIG!

  10. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    See, look, the campaigns spreading like wildfire.

    Big Ron could treach some of the muppets we''ve had in charge a thing or two.

    And he''s a classy guy

  11. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    Pleased to have you as a fellow Big Ron campaigner.

    Welcome aboard, son!

  12. Mangol Wurzel

    Ron's the man!

    Why is Big Ron not included in the booky''s lists? He''s a big man in every sense of the word. He can pull off the permatan, sheepskin and gold combo like no-one else. Ron had bling before bling was invented.Yeah, yeah, yeah, all that stuff about unfortunate comments when the mike got left on. But Ron''s changed, he made that TV programme that PROOVED that he''s definitedly not racist.

    Let the Board know who we want tomorrow.

    Who do we want? Big Ron "I ain''t no racist" Atkinson!

    When do we want him? Now!

    No Reeves, No fans, No future, SOUTH OUT


  13. Mangol Wurzel


    Whoooaaahhhh! Don''t shoot the messenger!

    I can but report back to you, the geeky nerds of interweb world, what I heard with my own ears.

    Are you calling Les Ferdinand a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????


  14. Mangol Wurzel


    Perhaps the one on Setanta was a looky-likey? A Fat Les? The real destroyer of Blue Petter Gardens was sitting in the back row of the 59s lounge seats. Couldn''t you see that on your 60 inch plasma HD tellybox?


  15. Mangol Wurzel


    We''ll see, in 7-14 days.