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  1. If you want to break it down traditionally social dynamics would show footballers coming from the working class or uneducated hence they are more prone to making poor life decisions. This has deffinatly changed over the last 30 years however you get dumb people in every demographic. It's funnier looking at sportsmen and seeing the ones who are heavily educated. Eg. Chris Jericho real name Chris Irvine who is a wrestler and front man or Fozzy. He has a degree in journalism.
  2. This reeks of James husband potential. Glad to see we signing some game changers.
  3. Holt all day long Honourable mentions for pukki and fleck
  4. The only Webber master stroke goes on in private as Zoe has frozen him out of the bedroom following his mysogonistic comments
  5. Told a mate who's a Leicester fan they were down as soon as Smith was appointed. Never been happier to see a manager fail.
  6. Webbers a cnut... Although in a utopian football environment Norwich and ipswich are in the prem and the old farm is a big as the Scouse or mank rivalry. A strong Norwich and ipswich are the best for this area
  7. I love how everyone decides Max, who has been one of our best players for years now is off. It's like that utter moron Sam seaman who wrote an article about selling the entire back line. Where do you idiots think the replacements are coming from?? Narnia? Sometimes our fan base is as bad as the ones we laugh at like Leeds etc.
  8. Depends where his ambition lies doesn't it. I would bet a new contract, but then what do I know about Max....
  9. Do we? This is the case every year with Max.
  10. Coventry, not interested with plucky Luton being the media darlings and cost for many packets of motd kleenex
  11. Exactly it's not even funny it's stupid.
  12. Thank god Sam seaman is just a journo. Total muppet selling the entire defence and sarge. Bloke is deluded to think people are going to want to come here after last season. Sam Seaman : sell. Free transfer to first available home for crap writers
  13. You would be hyper grumpy if you were told to sit back for 8 months when you naturally want to go forward.
  14. Only thing getting ruined is your wrist and s box of Kleenex
  15. Wee shagger gilmour obs learnt why one shouldn't stick their wee laddie in a team mates lassie or ex lassie. Cantwell probs has a smirk on his face.
  16. Great national exposure for mysogony. It's been taken out of context but he now looks like a prat on the big stage. No one will want to hire him now, on the upside maybe we can give him a disciplinary. Doesn't look good for a family club
  17. Want Leicester down out of spite for Dean Smith being their manager. He wont work in the Prem again if they go down!
  18. That was a fantastic move if that's the case. Why the hell didn't we think of that.......
  19. I D I O T Sit down and drink your warm milk
  20. Dean Smith found out, never work in the top flight again after this! Should have been fired when mathematically down, lets see if the foxes have the balls to do what we should have done
  21. Yup, not even interested because of stuff like this. Fed up completely with the entire system.
  22. True enough But i wonder if he was promised a Prem club or borderline Prem club, something we apparently are not anymore.
  23. Anyone ever thought that he has taken one look this season and is desperately trying to bail himself out? I mean we are all sat here waiting for the Messiah that will never cometh..,,,
  24. .... is no longer a Norwich player
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