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  1. "Extra-time multi-ball anyone?", right after this word from our sponsors!!  What''s next, 12 foot high goals to make it more interesting for the fat yanks, supping p### weak beer in their trailer parks?  Seriously though, this is just demonstrating how little the fatcats care, give me Delia any day of the week & stick your conglomerates and dubai consortiums straight up their own a#####. 
  2. I have the same hope.  I think Cardiff is the stumbling block though. It may seem like too much to wish for (ie play-offs), but hoping beats moaning about the board any day of the week.
  3. Those seasons didn''t actually happen, Hardhouse.  It was all one of Wiz''s dream spells, did you ever watch Dallas in the 80''s when one entire series was all one of Pam Ewings dreams?  Exactly the same thing, we were actually in the conference at the time & Delia paid Wiz to sprinkle stardust over the entire city, to make us forget.  
  4. PME: I honestly think we have to put our trust in what GR is doing on the pitch & training field & let things develop.  It may be that Glenn fully expects some of the other loanees to have to go back to their clubs and needs the cover in those positions, or he may be doing Coppell a favour to grease some transfer wheels in the summer.   
  5. We should have made a move for him!!  We need a back up striker and he was available, total lack of ambition from the board IMO. Glenn should have been on the phone to Ramos as soon as SSN reported him meeting Redknapp.  Disgrace.
  6. So what?  I don''t mean to be rude but get with the times please.  We can all harp on about the past and I''ve been supporting them since whenever, but it doesn''t change a damn thing.  We''re not out of the tunnel yet but at least I can see a bit of light up ahead now.  Before Glenn took over I honestly thought we were as good as down, I know it''s not perfect at the moment but this forum has become a place to moan & snipe at each other.    
  7. Poor Man''s Earnshaw:  How can Glenn have got it all wrong when you agree with 5 out of the 7 loan players he has brought in?  Unless I am reading your post wrong, if so, I apologise. 
  8. I agree with you Saint.  Another striker would have been good but take the yellow & green tinted specs off for a minute & you realise we are not really attractive to "big" names.  I think Glenn has pulled some some strings to get in players from prem sides so fair play to him. 
  9. This is just an opinion, but if Roeder bought players & they turned out to be turkeys then we''re stuck with them.  IF the loan players keep us up or even into the play-offs then it''s good business.  I''m not unhappy with the loanees, I''ve seen Gibbs play a couple of times & he looks a quality player.   I think the board & Roeder are playing it safe & seeing what happens between now & the end of the season, the loanees are going to play out of their skins to prove they can play first team football & that can only benefit us. I don''t see the point in moaning at the board at the moment, I think they have the right man for the job, our recent run of results proves that.  Let''s look forward not moan about what''s gone on.
  10. What does he have to do?  He has been outstanding this season for West Ham, and his saves last season helped keep them in the Prem.  How they think Kirkalnd is better is beyond me.
  11. That IS a very different slant on things, especially the part where Glenn says that he doesn''t want to live in London & play for QPR.  Can Birmingham force a sale on to a player who doesn''t want to go to that particular club?  Gutted to miss out on him, could have been the most important & influential signing since Huckerby IMO.
  12. Gerrard & Lampard should have been getting forward to get on the end of the flick-ons.  How many times do they score bursting through the midfield for their own clubs, yet look like totally different (afraid or shackled) players when the pull on the England shirt?  You can''t blame Crouch for a)being tall & b)following team orders.
  13. While I don''t agree with Smudger''s sarcasm, I do agree with the sentiment. 
  14. I think that the two go hand-in-hand.  Looking at Grant''s body language in his final few games it was obvious he didn''t know what to do to change games and that can only unsettle the players on the pitch.
  15. Let''s get Gibbs from Arsenal. (Obviously easier said than done).
  16. Sorry, my bad!!  I was convinced it was a loan because it happened so fast.
  17. I know that this doesn''t mean a lot in itself, but at football training last night most of my team mates reckons that this is a good appointment.  This includes a Newcastle fan who said he was made a fall guy at Th Toon, I mean to say that a 45% win ration with Titus Bramble in the defence & your no 1 striker out all season can''t be that bad can it?  
  18. I agree with West One (&Hucks),  we need Safri back desperately (he is only on loan isn''t he?), what are the rules in recalling him back to us, anyone know?  Without a decent midfield who can close players down, it wouldn''t matter if we had Bowen, Culverhouse, Watson & Bruce (in their primes!!) in defence. You can''t defend and squeeze teams up the field from your 18 yard box. On a positive note though, great signing Glenn, like everyone has already said it''s only taken 3 seasons to realise it!
  19. I always look forward to a Norwich game, I always have some hope & with a new manager installed at last, those under performing players should be pulling their socks up & playing for places.(And that includes the big name players).  Whether we will win or not on Sunday, I don''t know. Putting aside tribal differences and taking off the yellow & green specs, it has to be said that Ipswich are playing good football at the moment and who wouldn''t swop league places with them?  I am looking for a gutsy performance and to be honest I''d settle for a draw and for the fans to really get behind the team and the manager.
  20. I don''t want to be negative, but I REALLY am struggling to see us getting 3points by Christmas. My own football commitments stop me from getting to many games, but reports suggest we haven''t looked liked winning recently.  Hopefully the form book will go out of the window by Sunday and a new manager (Jewell?) could get our season kick started.  We are due a win on Sky and who better to get it against than Ipswich, I''m just glad it''s at Carrow Road and not Portman Road.  Never thought I''d be jealous of Ipswich but today I am.  It must be awful for you guys who live in Norfolk/Suffolk, I don''t think I could live with the mickey taking that must be going on at the moment..  It''s bad enough down here in Somerset, what with Bristol City doing so well & half my own team supporting them. OTBC  
  21. I''ll be lynched if we get him!! Most of my team are Bristol City supporters!!
  22. No more asst managers/coaches.  We need a proven manager to take over & sort out this shambolic mess we are in.
  23. Where are they going to come from?  QPR on Monday WOULD have been the obvious choice but I''m not so sure now, after that we have a tricky run which really could leave us in deep lumber.
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