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  1. No I haven''t, I have said that I''m not going to have a go at supporters but have said that I don''t agree that boycotts and protests will do any good. How is that having a go at anyone??
  2. I regularly read the posts on this forum but rarely post but I feel moved to do so to try and put some perspective on City''s current predicament. Firstly, we have no divine right to be in the Premiership, top of the Championship or in any position, we will occupy whatever position our form / points tally dictates and as of this moment that position is somewhere near the bottom of the Championship. Clearly that is not where we, as supporters, want to be and I''m sure the board, manager and players don''t want to be in this position either but that is where we are and we have to deal with that. Off the top of my head I''d estimate that there are 50 odd teams below us in the four divisions and I''m fairly sure the majority of those team''s fans would wish to be higher. I''m sure also that those fans are turning up and watching pretty poor football and are seeing some very average games just as we are at the moment:- in fact I have seen some dreadful games on telly in the Premiership this season, Fulham - Bolton doesn''t appeal any more than Darlington - Grimsby. There are plenty of clubs who are not happy with their current standing but that is football, someboy has to finish top and somebody has to finish bottom. Who would have thought that Hull would be in a champions league place and Leeds in League one?? We''ve had some great times, Uefa cup run, promotion etc and some clubs would give anything to achieve even half of the things we have achieved - 24,000 every week, some premiership clubs can only dream of that, the two mentioned above for example. At the moment things aren''t great for us, poor performances, no heroes on the pitch and little to cheer but it is not our time at the moment and that time will come round again. It is Hull''s time and Stoke''s time at the moment, even Doncaster Rovers are well above their natural postion of late. Charlton were in the premiership for upwards of ten years and are now below us!! We had one season up there and people now expect us to be there every year, well it doesn''t work like that. I can''t have a go at our supporters because as I mentioned we have fantastic crowds and the atmosphere is generally good but talk of sacking the board and the manager and of boycotts and of demonstrations is ludicrous and these people need to take a reality check and just accept that this is where we are and get on with it.  
  3. Maybe they liked the look of him but thought, no we don''t want good players at our club, let''s get rid of him and let someone else benefit from his talents. Is that what you really think??    
  4. This is going to sound really geeky but I''m fairly sure the only area of Carrow Road that could be practically converted to standing is the River End lower tier as this wasn''t reprofiled when converted to seating in 1992. The steps for a seated area are different to that of a terrace, this obviously will cause a headache for clubs that have rebuilt stands or moved to a completely new stadium as they may not have a suitable area without the expense of rebuilding terraces. However, certain countries, Germany for example have areas that can switch between standing and seating easily for champions League games etc but I doubt any new stadiums have been built in England with this in mind, but I might be wrong.   I personally don''t think this will happen but I for one would love to have the option of standing but I can''t see this getting the go ahead because of all the red tape etc
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Z1WqgaWAI&feature=related Anyone remember this? I do but it says Norwich v Peterborough but I''m sure it was against Brentford in the cup.
  6. Becuase they''re all smart ares know it alls that''s why.
  7. Spot on mate, unfortunately you''ve been way too positive and said nice things about our club so hence there lack of replies. OTBC.
  8. No he hasn''t missed your point, you are just talking cobblers and you don''t really know the facts as most of us don''t.   Thank you.
  9. SOB - I agree entirely and you are right. I missed that part off my initial post. We are far from out of the woods, defeat against Preston and reults not going our way and we''d be right back in the poo. ''s all keep smiling and getting behind our team and as you say, give the new lads and indeed the old lads a chance.   cheers. OTBC.
  10. I''ve said it before and i''ll say it again - STOP MOANING!! Can you not see that all we are currently trying to do is clear up the mess that grant left, keep the club in the division and push on next season. Are any or you moaners directors of companies? It is not an easy job to keep everyone happy infact it''s impossible, somebody somewhere will disagree with your decisions. I''m sick of people only having negative things to say. Had anyone heard of Ched Evans before he joined? I doubt it and he''s been a good signing for us so I''m sure at least a couple of these loanees will do a good job for us. Let''s just let the boys get on with their jobs including Glenn and get right behind the club from the tea boy to the mansager to the MD. Let''s have some good, positive posts about our great club.
  11. I''m a little bit bemused about the huge fuss being made about us failing to sign Martin Taylor. He clearly did well while he was here but is he worth £1m? We haven''t lost a game since he went back and Doc and Shacks have been awesome at the back and it is goalscoring that has been our problem. Who would he replace in the team? I''d be much happier if we spent £1m on a striker, please don''t ask me who as I don''t know!
  12. That''s just the sort of stupid half arsed response that I would expect from your average pink un poster. Nice one.
  13. To make a change from all the moaning on here I thought I''d say something nice about somebody. We entered the football quiz after the Leicester game on Saturday and Mr Neil Doncaster was the quiz master. I''m fairly sure he didn''t have to do that as part of his contract so fair play to him for putting himself in that position, Also the man is always standing on the corner of the ground at every home game leaving himself open to questions from 25,000 fans who could clearly do a much better job than he does. I''m fairly sure the people who moan about him constantly on here do not have the balls to approach him therefore he is probably quite safe but none the less, some level headed and sensible people must have somne decent questions for him and I bet Peter Ridsdale or many Premier League chairmen don''t put themselves in that postion.
  14. I think Pogo Pattison will turn out to be a great signing for us, he has a bit of fight about him and looks like he wants to be involved in the whole game. I''ve seen comparisons with Gary Holt and I can see where they are coming from but I think in time Pogo will prove himself to have a little bit more quality than Holty, I''m not knocking Holt he did a great job for us and whilst Safri has qualities, when the chips were down he was down and he never seemed up for a battle to me. I also believe Roeder will be a top, top appointment for us, he has already proved he can turn an awful team into at least a better team and also can bring in decent players with the help of the contacts he has. The previous manager had contacts, Falkirk''s kit man and the tea lady at St Mirren were apparently good friends of his, not sure they compare with Roeder''s pals. I think the future is bright. Everybody should be happy.
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