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  1. Im on £35 @11.5 at betfair.....shall i lay it or let it ride? stand to win over £350 if I let it go.
  2. Weather just said should start freezing up before kick off...that could be a problem
  3. Who knows where you can a get a beer before game? - I know they got that supporters club but dont fancy an hour queue again!
  4. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Think it is Ruud as the article suggests, but think that would be a bad move. He really isn''t the player he once was and surely Gold and Sullivan should realise that spending that kind of money on wages is what got West Ham into the problems they have now. Hope they do stay up as it is the closest club to where I live, tickets aren''t impossibly hard to get and it''s nice to see Premier League football occasionally. [/quote] Agree with that - If it is Ruud thats a dreadful waste of money. That would rack up 5m in 12 months on 1 has been - not good business
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/west_ham_utd/8473694.stm who could this be?
  6. Anyone remember the game in the cup against Swindon where we won 3-1 and they were down to 9 men? That must of been around that time maybe 1990?
  7. I think that was the replay. I went to the original game which was 0-0.  We should have won that but remember thinking a draw will be OK as we will win at Carrow Road!
  8. Im suprised you got 18''s- I got 11.5 on betfair 2 days after the 7-1 defeat.  I can lay now at 4.2 but im going to let it ride.
  9. Whats the fewest amount of away fans anyone can remember at carrow road?
  10. Top of the league at Portman Road. December 2003. Probably not game of the decade but what a moment... Unfortunatley I was in the Main stand with the binners so when escorted out all i could hear was "top of the league at Portman road" and it was loud! Fantastic memory.  
  11. I need 2 tickets - might have 2 go in another part  ground - it holds 10-11 thousand and they only average 5.
  12. No travelling up from South west - cheers anyway
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