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  1. It''s still my favourite, I still wear it to games now. Got it for my 18th birthday just after we got promoted to the Prem so still got the Prem badge on the sleeve.I would definitely be happy to see us using the BRG for our shirts again.
  2. Good effort chaps, website looks cracking, guess one of you is pretty handy with Flash?
  3. I never thought I''d see the day, a positive and sensible comment from Smudger, bravo that man.Not heard of that lad from Crewe but I definitely agree that we should get Barnard if we can and some cover for Holt.Unfortunately that would probably mean the end of Cody though. As much as we all like him, it just doesn''t look like it''s going to work out for him does it?I''m more than happy with the four signings made and once Lambo gets rid of the dead wood we''ll be well set to build a Championship squad, but then we will have to set our sights on higher calibre players.Let''s worry about actually getting back to the Championship first I suppose, but Lambo clearly feels confident that we''re going up!
  4. Just to stick up for David Cuffley and Chris Lakey a little, they are newspaper reporters, they were probably never trained as broadcast journalists and have spent the vast majority of their careers not having their interviews recorded.With the advent of multimedia journalism such as video and audio on websites, pretty much everything they do gets recorded now.A broadcast journo knows that they have to make their questions sound good for the audience, newspaper reporters just worry about getting their quotes.Most pro footballers know what journos are getting at when they make suggestive comments rather than a well rounded question, and the mature ones who don''t want to be awkward will normally play ball and talk about what you are suggesting to them.What does annoy me though, is when you hear broadcast journos on Match of the Day or Sky just say something pointless to high profile managers rather than ask them a proper question, that is their job and you hear it happen all the time!Listen out for it on MOTD tonight, if any games actually get played for them to screen that is, lol.
  5. We''ll definitely be on TV then.I hope it stays at their place, it adds a bit of fun for us like when we won 4-1 at Tamworth a few seasons ago.
  6. This summer the FA brought in the rule which means an immediate ban for five yellows, i.e if Holt is booked against Stockport, he misses the next game. I''m 100 per cent sure of that.
  7. Thank god for that, I was dreading having to listen to that tripe.
  8. And what is the awful music they''re playing on the Swindon commentary?! Lol
  9. Same here boys, better start soon!
  10. I saw Crofty play against Scunny earlier this season when the Iron won 3-2 and he was exactly the same as usual.Lots of pace and effort but very little end product, up against a full-back in Marcus Williams who is not exactly brilliant defensivly either.To be honest we''re not playing with much width this season anyway are we so we don''t miss him at all? I think the unorthodox positions that Wes and Chrissy Martin take up is confusing teams and they don''t know how to deal with us.Also on Crofty, what is that load of tripe with him thjat Soccer AM has been doing?! He''s a nice fella but that just isn''t very funny.
  11. Taxi for Big Bad John, lol.My Bournemouth supporting mate thought Wiggins was ace with them at the end of last season and I hope he can stay fit because I don''t think Lappin is good enough defensively at left-back, much better in midfield, and Drury is injury-prone so he should get a few chances to impress.
  12. [quote user="ryan1992"]since when has grimsby and hartlepool been a local derby?[/quote]Yeah I laughed at that, there''s only what 100 miles and the river Humber between them, lol.In general I think he''s pretty good though, good at describing what''s going on quickly, still definitely in the Goreham camp though!
  13. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]I just caught myself searching through the list of Championship clubs for us. In October! [:^) Dear oh dear - it''s not easy being relegated. [:''(] Anybody else having a similar problem? [:$] OTBC [/quote]Yep I do it all the time on www.newsnow.co.uk, it''s a pain, hopefully only a temporary problem though!
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