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  1. nutty just done a bit of research, canary ryan has posted 2/3 last weeks, so chances are he will turn up. but looks like he only posts on the free bet thread nutty. so hard track him down until new thread up and some picks are in.  
  2. if you due to get say 10k if he appointed, id ring betfair up request managers market, and lay curbishley at 7s to makes tidy profit regardless
  3. useless at birmingham, and was the worst player on the pitch last tuesday maybe new club would suit him? but i personally think his legs have gone
  4. [quote user="er indoors"] aberdeen 4 celtic 2 worth a shout surely Norwich 5 Wolves 2 I hope Orient fans aren''t thinking Roeder''s worth a shout! [/quote] funny how your season so far rests on two matches, i prefer to see the league table and revenge on the cards in 14days time! i wouldnt really start boosting 5v2 just before upcoming game
  5. [quote user="er indoors"]Me neither but if a couple of people saw 66-1 and thought it''s got to be worth a small punt the bookies would cut it to protect themselves incase it was inside info. I think we all know Curbs will only come back to a premier league club. [/quote] spot on, 66/1 and i stick 20 on that means they have liabiltiy of over 1.3k just off 20 quid, they cutting the odds to even out the worst case
  6. where is this whole paul ince and arrogant coming from?   he was in his mid 20s but then hasnt really been arrogant since
  7. [quote user="er indoors"]I wouldn''t read anything in to Curbs moving from 66-1 to 16''s it wouldn''t take much money at all to do that in this market [/quote] nothing in it, 16s is to big price for if the club had contacted curbs or curbs gone out and said "come and get me" 5/1 under is generally inside info on whos on the shortlists etc... if markets ever go down, just go www.bet365.com and contact their staff on the i.m messaging service, they give you immediate response as to why the market is down, obviosuly they wont tell you who though
  8. [quote user="singing canary"] rather not , went from mk donns to blackburn and failed big time . no better than roeder . [/quote] well if he did great mk dons crap at blackburn norwich is in the middle betweek the sides then surely he do a good job
  9. ince will get the biggest ovation in 14days time INCEY is a WOLVES FAN INCEY is a WOLVES FAN la la la hey la la la hey
  10. £10 robins 16/1 £10 boothroyd 6/5 hoping robins, if not aidy will get me my money back and a free pint
  11. rumour has it wolves are bidding a 1m+ for the youngster all though be suprised if city sell i think they will loan him out for the next 12months and may sell next jan depending on their situation and squad
  12. would you guys be happy with gunn fulltime? would you find it hard to sack him if it did go pearshaped? and prefer him just to stay a player legend
  13. 200 not prolific career, but darn sight more than 100 silly ct lol
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