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  1. The guy will still be pulling strings in a sides midfield when he''s 40. Imperative that we keep him - even for the next year at least.
  2. It''s going to be a very interesting summer with relegation alongside the shambolic situation regarding Mr McNally. First things first - we need to secure Alex Neil + review his backroom staff. The man himself has said that he will review his position, which is fine. Maybe the cold reality of a completely avoidable relegation will trigger a few changes that need to be made with the coaching staff. The board must see this? I personally think he was crying out for an experienced figure alongside him when we proceeded to go on that horrendous run of games, post the Southampton victory at home. Maybe to also have a little word with him after the 6-2 at St James'' as well. Ultimate turning points which stuffed us up. Once we have him secured, we need to back him to the hills. That way, we can''t say that we didn''t give him every opportunity if we are floundering in mid table around Dec/Jan again. The gap is only going to get bigger with extortionate TV income and things, so not getting stuck in the Championship is a priority. Next up as others have said - we have a real chance to review the squad which has effectively got us relegated twice. I''m not saying that we should instigate a wholesale clear out - but I think we''ll see substantial movement amongst the ranks. Virtually certain outs providing acceptable offers for me are: Brady, Redmond, Naismith and Klose. There''s always space for Brady in a midtable prem side, Redders won''t sign a new deal so I imagine there''s not much we can do on this one except sell him on to the highest bidder, Naismith will not want to play in the Champs but will be happy with a move further North (If one comes up) and Klose is a class CB who will slot in well in the majority of sides. The only thing which will put people off with Timm is his injury - but I struggle to see him being here, beyond the summer and January. On a different note - I''m not really sure what we''ll do with the likes of Vadis and Mulumbu. Not really been given a look in by Alex and I can''t see us wanting to pay Mulumbu''s wages (assuming that he is a higher earner), yet I don''t think we''ll have much interest for them? Other players like Olsson have had clubs very openly sniff around before (Swansea) so i''m not sure if anyone will come knocking again. Same goes for Tettey with his injury - he said before that he was going to give it one season in this league because of the way the games come thick and fast the last time we got relegated. Next up is the debacle upfront, which I don''t really want to go into as it''s a mess. Assuming that Lafferty will find a new home after the Euros, leaving Jerome, RvW (If we don''t pay him off) and Morris as our forwards. Not sure who we will be attracting in our situation, so I am genuinely intrigued to see what we''re going to do. Or am I just being apprehensive? Time to roll on and face up to it again. It''s going to be a tough, tough ask next season. A bumpy road ahead.
  3. Can''t help but think we''ll have to go with a defence of: Pinto, Martin, Bennett, Bassong, Olsson - with the IP/MO playing as wingbacks. 4 At the back will see us on the end of a resounding thumping.
  4. Was quite pleased with the signing of Wisdom in the summer, thought he was a solid acquisition and had hoped that he''d link with Redmond as our style of play was seemingly better than WBA''s..... No the case.
  5. Dunno if it''s just me but I can''t see it being us. Think last week was the hammer blow, I know we''re still outside of the drop zone but for how long. Now we''re back to the car crash defence - would it be worth reverting to the ''back 5'' with the 3 CB''s in an effort to try and shore it up for the remainder? That way, if we insist on having both fullbacks bomb forward at every opportunity our cb''s won''t be left as exposed as there will be extra cover?
  6. Wouldn''t be surprised if we see Wes and Redmond back in TJ.
  7. It''ll be Bassong who comes in - can''t see him playing Russ there with Wisdom being in patchy form over the last couple of games.
  8. Our game plan has to go there and stop the supply line. If you shut Balotelli off he is prone to doing stupid things, and we could use that in our favour. As previously said, we need to play the game not the occasion. We did that at Old Trafford and had some great chances. Lets hope we can play like that again, yet stick our chances away this time. It will arguably be a lot harder, but we have to get stuck in to the likes of: Silva, Nasri, Yaya Toure and Aguero. We cannot afford to let these guys run at us with the ball.
  9. Thought he played well for how long he hasn''t been included to be honest. Added extra height to the back four, just a concern he had to come off because of his back.
  10. Substitution for Coventry City....Replacing Number 1 Joe Murphy is Number 14 and England''s next number 1 / world class striker Cody McDonald!
  11. Out of touch springs to mind. Very childish mistake to make as racism cannot just be resolved with a handshake. When he realised what he had said, his follow up statement did make me laugh. More the fact that he posted a picture of himself with an apparent ''friend''. Who was coincidentally black. Fifa needs some fresh ideas. However the commentary post a couple of posts up did make me laugh a little "And the referee approaches the snakepit holding out his hand, we could be here some time!"
  12. Gutted for Wardy, but good to hear that the other 2 cb''s are slowly coming back into contention.
  13. Me either, don''t see anything bad about that statement tbh. He''s just highlighting part of the minority who are stuck back in the 80''s.
  14. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]Give the guy a chance, he''s barely just signed for Coventry, before that he''s had no competitive football since end of last season. That''s not an excuse it''s fact - Personally i would love to be proved wrong and that he is not up to it, otherwise i would be gutted to watch him scoring week in week out for another team. However, i know he''s a quality finisher and the other parts of his game will come with game time - He will learn, there is no other option for him.[/quote] Quality finisher... Would you say he''s better than Martin in that dept? (For Arguments Sake)
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