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  1. Ricky what''s your views on Wiz using your daughter as his virgin for his Hex on Lambert?
  2. Be interesting if those far right fans we have take to him at all?
  3. If any of you lot are from heartsease''s area you will know not to mess around with Ricky Knight
  4. What about Hernan Crespo for one season. Always scored goals out of contract
  5. Wouldn''t be able to afford one of his diamonds he wears let alone god knows how old this guy is.
  6. Why would you be watching Murray the anti English Basta*d
  7. Well then i am all for it thanks bethnal. Sounds great
  8. In tennis they wait till after the point finishes then get the hawk eye to have a look how can we do this in football do we wait until the ball goes out before we check which could be a number of minutes to be honest? Anyone know?
  9. For now Carrow road is good enough in the future who knows but all i will say is that county hall will get patched up to make it ''safe'' but there will be future problems and one day it will need to be knocked down. In my eyes that site is the perfect place for us to be in 5 years or so. We will have a new owner by then too guaranteed who can pay for this.
  10. Why ever would the Southampton game be moved potential trouble surely not Saints are such a family club?
  11. Heard Juventus tried to sign him a few years back never seen play however.
  12. How about the Smiths Asleep for when Delia leaves?
  13. Wouldn''t be going so much for the football, friendlies are often dire i would go more for the pre and after lash. Berlin will do however i would like to make my way towards Graz
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