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  1. Jas = clueless. http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/mike-phelan-joins-norwich-city-coaching-staff-2092836.aspx
  2. Muller is one of the best forwards in World Football and has made much better players than RM look silly. From what I saw he had a decent game and made some very important blocks.
  3. Just shows how clueless a lot of our fans are. Just because you pay for a ticket every week, it doesn''t make you an expert.
  4. We loaned our false #9 to St. Ettiene.
  5. “The difference between supply and demand is such that I do not expect that there is a very quick decision,” Laros told the Dutch football magazine. “Norwich City is willing to co-operate, but expect something in return...the Championship is not the stage on which he plays football.”
  6. I''m taking a total punt and guessing ''Alex'' knows The Cure..
  7. More likely to go back to Derby imo
  8. I think it''s more the fact that most of these pros have a fair idea of how much money Snoddy is now on and sadly, that is what really counts to your modern day footballer.
  9. He wanted to leave last summer (doesn''t like Norwich as a place) but Hughton made him captain and convinced him to stay. He''s a very bad trainer, would spend all week in the treatment room but expect to be first choice on a Saturday.. Will be shocked if he''s here but with three relegations on his cv who would want him?
  10. Would they really make him the "star" of the Kit Launch video (which is out this week) if they thought he was going to leave?
  11. Was told by a member of the backroom staff that Seb was the worst trainer in the squad and would spend most weeks in the treatment room moaning but expect to be picked on a match day. He wanted to leave last summer but Hughton convinced him to stay and was very, very easy with him and some of his other favourites.
  12. It''s written by a Norwich fan ( https://twitter.com/jallison31) so hardly impartial..
  13. "Alright, alright...to put you all straight. Holt drove up to Wigan yesterday morning for a medical instead of flying to Austria." 3 year deal for him, I imagine on decent money for a just relegated favourties to go up type of club, 30 miles from his Cumbria house and likely to play every week. We get £1.8m. Win for him and a win for us. Possibly a win for Wigan as he can score goals at that level, but they have saddled themselves with a 32(?) year old on a 3 year deal and have shelled out all that money for him, pays off if they get promoted. Ruddy likely to go also. Have no rumours of players coming in though. Why would I possibly reveal my source(s)?...as then they would no longer be a source." All of this was reported in the papers this morning though (except the poor navigation) except it''s been reported as a 2 year deal. Not sure why you''re bigging yourself up so much? Most people realise Holt has wanted to go since Lambert left.
  14. Yes but his story has changed once he was proved wrong. Does he actually know where Wigan and Cumbria are?
  15. [quote user="Colin Teapot"]So I take it that Holt''s house is in the centre of Carlisle and Wigan''s training round is in the centre of Wigan?? Cumbria and Carlisle are not the same place. 35 minute trip I understand. [/quote] So is it miles or minutes? Get your story right ffs. Deary me..
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