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  1. I recall being a young teenager watching WBA at Carrow Rd c 1980. The abuse Regis and the other black players took was appalling. Grown men, and loads of them , making monkey noises and shouting with veins jutting out of their foreheads. How me and my mates laughed and were impressed. Growing up in a almost exclusively white small Norfolk town our ignorance of others was, in hindsight, appalling. I''m sure other grounds were no better but I''m ashamed today for my small part in what Regis and others had to endure at the hands of ignorant fans back in the day.
  2. https://www.s24su.com/forum/index.php?threads/any-norwich-players-of-interest.60453/ This deluded Thread (attached link) has appeared on Blades fan forum. The OP mulls over which Norwich players they should sign in January. This from a newly promoted club who after a decent start are now falling away. Still very bitter about how they were comprehensively beaten at home by us. Good for a chuckle though.
  3. How about naming it after Canary legend David Bell and turning the pitch by 90% so we shoot towards this end.
  4. Any fans involved should be banned from the Boleyn Ground for life.
  5. To be knocking on the door for first team football next year, even in the championship, they would have needed to show a lot more than they have this year at the levels they''ve played at. Neither of them have exactly pulled up trees. Of course we all want local youngsters to come through but they have to be good enough and these boys do not seem to have pushed on enough/at all in the last couple of years to warrant consideration of a regular place in the first time squad.
  6. Many of the unfortunate individuals who died would have been at the front and, therefore, likely to have arrived early at the ground. The late arrivals, those pushing from the back, are more likely to have those drinking. It is therefore unsurprising that those who died had low readings for alcohol. Equally the contents of the bins is a bit of a red herring as the drinking would have occurred in trains and coaches on the way there and then in the local pubs. I reiterate that the principle blame lies with the police planning and the response. However I do not accept that consumption of alcohol played absolutely no part, even if only a very minor one. It Is simply not credible to suggest ''these Liverpool fans had not'' - that is to say not one person in the Leppings Lane end - consumed a level of alcohol which had the potential to impact on their actions. It was the culture of the time. The tragedy was terrible and avoidable, the subsequent cover up a disgrace. However it does no good to anyone to pretend that the prevailing culture of alcohol and football did not exist at the time. It did at every ground especially with await fans and semi finals are unique in that you have two sets of away fans, heightened excitement for a special day out = higher alcohol intake than normal - which with the police and organisational failings added added up to a toxic cocktail. Fortunately, and partly because of this, we now live in safer and more enlightened times but let''s not airbrush out how it was as It does everybody a disservice.
  7. I went to the Norwich v Everton semi final the same day at Villa Park with a work colleague Everton fan. I was with him in an Everton pub beforehand with his mates. It was a good craic and we must have all had a good half dozen pints leaving it until the last minute to leave for the ground. He went into the Everton end I went into our end. Loads of other people had the same idea and as a consequence there was lots of pushing and shoving on entering the Norwich stand, par for the course at the time. This was just how it was. Then more so than now the average fan democratic was male adult and pre match drinking was a part of the ritual. Therefore I for one cannot understand how the jury decided that alcohol played no part. It must have done even if only a minor one. It was the culture at the time and anyone who reguRly went to matches at the time can attest to that. I''m absolutely not saying that there was any truth in the pick pocketing and urinating allegation,s, merely that alcohol consumption must have played a part. In what unfolded Also I''m not suggesting that Liverpool fans consumed more or less than other fans, it was of its time. It is perhaps re-writing history to suggest it didn''t and anyone who was 18 or older on 1989 will know this is how it was.
  8. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Had anybody heard of the concept of ''duty of care'' in 1985. It is bandied around everywhere today and the jury was specifically asked whether the officer in charge had discharged his duty of care. IMO it is a dangerous precedent to judge events in another era. Things change and standards adapt. For example the Herald of Free Enterprise sunk in Zeebrugge because the bow doors were left open. The Kings Cross fire was caused by the build up of grease on wooden escalators and set off by a discarded cigarette in an era where people could smoke anywhere. Looking at it from 2016 standards it us hard to believe that any iof these incidents ever happened. But they did and standards and procedures changed as society learned from them. It is for this reason that I am less than comfortable with any prosecution for unlawful killing . What I would be comfortable with is charges of corruption./malfaisance in public office if the evidence supports it.
  9. All very interesting but this is a football forum. Unless you''re talking about clinical finishing or hospital passes then you''re on the wrong site.
  10. He hasn''t exactly set the championship alight. Has probably found his level at bottom of championship/ league 1. He should be able to make a living out of the game but can''t see him kicking on to achieve anything higher tan that. Same goes for his brother.
  11. England will have only 4 teams n Cl regardless of whether Liverpool win Europa, indeed if that is the case then 4th in league will not qualify. This gives incentive to both Man City and Arsenal to finish 3rd as Liverpool are now favourites to win Europa. , it also would help if Spurs can still win the league when they go to Newcastle on last day of season and this looks as if it may be the case.
  12. We need to be vigorously and unashamedly making the case that Norwich staying up this year gives the likes of Swansea and Watford a much improved proespect of staying up next year. It is unlikely for various reasons that both Newcastle under Benitez and Sunderland under Fat Sam will not be as poor again next year. It is likely that if we stay up that we will not significantly improve. This results in improving the prospects for the likes of Swansea and Watford and Palace next year. These teams will play a part in who goes down this year. We need to get this message in their faces by a tailored media strategy through Neil in pre match press conferences, etc. And while we''re at it why didn''t Neil decide, when the game was lost on Saturday, put on a low value substitute to take out Defoe for the season. Fat Sam would have had no qualms in doing so. No. Need to admit it, mistimed tackle - my players would not go out to deliberately injure a fellow professional, etc. are we too nice for our own good?
  13. I can see us winning at home to Manure, doing the double, and losing the rest, which would take us down.
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