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  1. Apparently, ( according to a 606 listener anyway ) Wayne Rooney is not world class and would struggle to get into the Bristol Rovers side at the moment ! Well, if he does become available for about £500 k then I think he is woth a punt as cover for Holt ! [;)]
  2. In the championship you can not afford to carry any passengers in the side therefore his contribution can not be underestimated. Whilst we continue to perform in the manner we have so far then I don''t feel the need to change anything. Yes extra competition for places is always preferred but with our overall financial situation as it is I think we should go with what we''ve got for the time being at least. I don''t think a Martin / Jackson partnership would be as dangerous. Holt offers a goal threat in the air that neither Martin nor Jackson could match. They are good questions to ask but I am happy how things are at the moment. [:)]
  3. I say knock down Ashton Gate and move them to Poulton Rovers ground. Rebuild Rovers Eastville ground exactly how it was all those years ago, those were the days " Up the Gas " [:D]
  4. Commentary on the Kilmarnock v Celtic clash73rd minute " Forster plays a terrible pass from the back which is intercepted and gives Sammon a sniff at goal but the striker is unable to take advantage "He''s still at it then [:D]
  5. Exeter 1 Charlton 0Huddersfield 2 Bournemouth 2Southampton 0 Rochdale 2So much for the big guns !Thank god we escaped that division at the first attempt [:)]
  6. No I thought we''d lose, even after we went 1 - 0 up ! I thought Leeds would beat Gillingham, Swindon would beat Walsall and Millwall would get a point at Huddersfield !Norwich                86Leeds                    83Millwall                  80Charlton                 80Swindon                 80I think thats what the table would have looked like ! Still looks good for automatic, but hey, my predictions were wrong and its all over ![:D]
  7. Worst bit is the plonkers who read out the texts etc. How did they ever get that job ?
  8. Whilst many supporters are panicking ( including me ) PL is trying to keep the sensible hat on, which is quite right, 7 points is a big lead for the auto spot with 4 games to go so the players have to remain focused. A dip in form along with poor refereeing, injuries and suspensions have coincided to hamper our promotion objective. Now is not the time to make drastic changes to formations and game plans. We must set out to win every one of our last four games as per PL''s season long intent. We are not a naturally defensive side and our success has been based on going forward ( even away from home ). Once we start planning for a point then I think we WILL come unstuck. Because of our poor record in London and against the likes of Charlton there seems to be a general view that we have already lost the game. PL believes we have a group of players to try and win every game and we should treat the Charlton game no differently, coming away from there with a result will have a massive positive effect for the remaining games - positive mind set and all that !
  9. [quote user="Barbie"]Thought he got booked for deliberate handball?[/quote]Yes but referees are going to be less sympathetic with players who argue the toss all the time, Craig Bellamy being another fine example !
  10. Thut warrnt me oi hed ter steer in moi villige un plant sum tearters [8-|]
  11. Well the Leeds situation will be interesting anyway. They have a big enough squad, may beGrayson would have been better off playing some of the fringe players with a greater desire.Thats where PL has succeeded ( everyone has been kept on their toes and has to perform ) andwhere Grayson has missed a trick. Oh, to be a Leeds fan, I just can''t imagine how I would feelif they cocked it up again ! [:)]
  12. ( and this comes from a pessemist )We are going to win League One comfortably.We have the best manager, one of the best squad of players, consistency, mental strength, infact everything you require to get promoted, we are the complete package in this league andwe have put ourselves in an unassailable position. The chasing pack will be taking points off each other. Leeds will recover and put a decent run together til the end of the seasonNorwich City          97Leeds United          91===============Millwall                  87Swindon Town       85Colchester United  83Huddersfield Town 81----------------------Charlton Athletic    80  ( Oh dear - the premiereship model ! )OTBC[:D]
  13. after he retires from playing football ???
  14. [quote user="Brendo "][quote user="Canary Pirate"]Forster, Hoolahan, Holt................oh, and Lambert ! [/quote]Hoolahan, Lambert and Holt are never going to go anywhere. [/quote]I feel better already ( but I''m just a pessemist )   [:)]
  15. Forster, Hoolahan, Holt................oh, and Lambert !
  16. ..................are complete lunatics or each deserve an OBE !
  17. I would say we are the most consistent at present ( does that mean we are the best team ? probably ). Walsall and Colchester away will tell us a bit more about our automatic  promotion credentials as in the end I think our away form will determine our fate. Regardless of whether we are better than Leeds or not,  well I''d rather be where they are !
  18. It would help if he changed his christian name to Iwan, then we would have a good starting point !
  19. [quote user="Herman "] [quote user="lord montyjones"]fight back v charlton ? seemed to install belief and they''ve never looked back[/quote] Good call.But i still think the 1-7!  [/quote] Agree, this result sent shock waves through the whole club and demonstrated the reality of the dire situation we were in. Every thing snowballed from there, but I still have to pinch myself when I look at where we are in the league now.[:)]
  20. [quote user="glove1"]cant see what is wrong with the latest hoolahan song which was sung at the millwall game?[/quote] Dint hear it, so can''t comment - but then I am in the Jarrold stand !!!  [;)]
  21. [quote user="Hooleyfan"]See if we can get this going today at Walsall...Hoola..han...Hoola..han Nah Nah[/quote] Pity the game was called off so you didn''t get the chance. I really think this song will work well. Post here if you are going to give it a serious try ! [:D]
  22. Give up, have we ever ??? I expect some statistical guru will be on in a minute to put you out of your misery.
  23. You can stay round mine. Am right next to the ground, a mere 22 miles away. If you don''t mind looking after the kids ( in a house full of the most unbelievable crap ever ! ) you can stay for free. I can then go to the footy and get plastered ( I''ll text you during the course of the Hartlepool game to let you know how the games goin'' ) [:)] 
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