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  1. Snakepit Lass

    Barnsley Score prediction

    2-2 Holt and Martin
  2. Snakepit Lass

    Facebook Group to Join

    lol funny i joined
  3. Snakepit Lass

    Believe me. It's likely to get worse

    Soooo what to talk about? i just had a flake ice cream mmmm it was nice lol bored
  4. Snakepit Lass

    Believe me. It's likely to get worse

    Dark Blue KA 56 plate :) my baby!
  5. Snakepit Lass

    Incident after the Forest game?

  6. Snakepit Lass


    its ok :) thank you !
  7. Snakepit Lass


    its not mine, if it was id be a millionaire lovely .... but i''m not
  8. Snakepit Lass


    You can now get all the latest news on your I phone with the download.


    The main features of the free app are:

    - Official news from Canaries.co.uk as it happens

    - Player profiles with stats and images for all of Norwich City''s players.

    - Live match text commentary with line-ups, latest scores and stats from across the npower Football League and Barclays Premier League

    - All the Club stats you need including fixtures, results and league tables

    - Facebook and Twitter sharing so you can keep your mates up to date with the latest news

    Subscribers will get all this and more for just a ONE OFF £4.99, with more features to be added as the season continues.
  9. Snakepit Lass


    they were on the nott forest website if those are the ones you are talking about
  10. Snakepit Lass

    Signed Shirt

    yes lol nearly 21 years old
  11. Snakepit Lass

    Signed Shirt

    why don''t you just do whatever you want with it, i don''t care lol
  12. Snakepit Lass

    Signed Shirt

    why wouldn''t you want to wear it
  13. Snakepit Lass

    forest game ratings

    Just got home from the game... was very good i thought shame we didn''t get 3 points we deserved it!
  14. Snakepit Lass

    Rob Earnshaw

    he was CR*P
  15. Snakepit Lass

    QPR Tickets

    Can anyone tell me when the QPR tickets are on sale? thanks