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  1. I''m with the op on this one but its not slagging the players off we if we were in the championship id be over over the moon with them. But we are playing in the "best league" in the world against the best players, there is nothing at all thats getting me excited about who we have bought. I will be first to hold my hand up and say i''m wrong if they turn out to keep us up but just at min its not doing it for me.
  2. Myself i would have put jackson there bit of pace to cause few problems maybe brought wilbraham on later on in game depending on what jackson played like. But for a team looking for the top 2 against bottom team would have been bit more positive,
  3. For me again i think Lambert got it wrong playing 1 man up front and at home and against bottom club its ok doing it away from home but come on at home and against bottom club you want to have at least 2 up there be a bit more positive. More points dropped at home not good enough
  4. May as well join in get in there sorry little late just pick my laptop off the floor
  5. Just to make things better Leeds just made it 2-2
  6. So sounds like apart from that its going to be full team
  7. Did he say what sort of team he is going to play tomorrow, just so I know weather its worth placing a bet or not.
  8. Born in the north east (Middlesbrough) have no connections to Norwich at all. But started to support Norwich at age of 7 and have never looked back an never will.
  9. Was hoping for 2 tickets myself but not looking to good which is shame would have loved to have been there. Was looking at becoming a member for next season is there any requirements you need to become a member?
  10. Yes get in hope score stays at this got bet on Huddersfield to win 1-0
  11. from what iv just listened to Im very worried we never get anything against charlton an home form not been good of late im very worried
  12. I hope they prove me wrong but we could play all night we will never score cant even see one coming in last min
  13. Little confussed with this one you say it''s from a dodgy rumour site, but then go onto say your brother works at colney and he told you. For me sorry I dont belive it till/if it comes out
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