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  1. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]Has anyone got his stats? i cant find him on wikipedia?[/quote]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Mackail-Smith
  2. [quote user="morty"]Can someone collate and post whats going on please, I''m in Africa.Who?How much?What position does he play?[/quote]Who- Craig Mackail Smith (Peterborough)How much - 2 to 3 million (loan till end of season)Position- Striker scored 21 league goals this season.
  3. Wow, can''t say we aren''t showing ambition.2.5 million!
  4. Sounds like McKail Smith to me.If so good signing imo, fitting in with Lamberts policy of signing young hungry lower division players.
  5. Yeah was tiring and had an average game. Plus tactically it made sense, we were going to get an aerial bombardment and not have to worry about them getting behind us, so Nelson is perfect for this kind of situation. Where a key header or a hoof is needed.
  6. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.First time I think I have ever geniunely celebrated news over the internet, like City had scored a goal.I like other would have no issue with him taking a job at an established premier league club, but Burnley would have been a bit of an insult to us and the club.
  7. They have done this overnight for the last few nights. People who are in charge of the market at skybet/vc don''t work 24/7, so they take the odds down so they don''t get stung. As this is a fast moving market, where a massive bet causes big price changes.Expect the markets to be back up in the morning.
  8. 1993 would be my answer, finish 3rd in the top flight beat Bayern Munich.Though statistically you maybe right,
  9. I know the answer but I can''t tell you, the 2 above me are lying as they are in on the conspiracy.
  10. This has really saddened me.Like many others Roy was a major part of growing up supporting City and used to love his highley biased commentary. Listening intently to midweek games on a very poor reception with Roy was very much part of my life.RIP Roy.
  11. From wikipedia Zárate caused controversy when he was photographed apparently giving a fascist salute while watching Lazio lose to Bari in March 2010 among a group of fans, though his agent claimed afterwards that the player "did not realise the significance of his gesture" and did not know who Hitler or Mussolini were .Isn''t Lambert in enough trouble with the fa already?
  12. Hmmmm decisions, decisions. I think I am going to for this, maybe that Icelandic Volcano has done me favour (obviously was meant to be flying to New York last Sunday).
  13. Oh dear, Lennon might struggle to get the job after that.
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