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  1. Go mine out of the loft yesterday, the boxes also include many old Pink uns and specials Dont know why I keep en and my wife will probably put them in a skip when I go
  2. [quote user="Skerritt"]I have a problem here. With mine it wont show the play abr at the top. Any help? [/quote] TRY PRESSING CONT AND F5 and hold for a sec
  3. Thanks for all the goals and exciting football, Carrow rd was never a dull place in his time, I can still picture him signing my daughters program outside the players entrance the last time I saw him, always had time for the kids R I P
  4. No way, if we had sold him the moaners on this board would be moaning about him not being replaced by a quality No 9 He will still end up with 12 + plus this year
  5. A few years ago my local team Kidderminster Harriers played then in FA Cup at Wolves, the wonderfull wolves supporters were urinating onto the Kidder fans below, confirmed the are animals West Brom is always a pleasure to go to, Villa and B ham city aint so bad either
  6. Beating Aston Villa at Villa Park to go 5 points clear at the top of the Prem, never forget the feeling as we left the ground
  7. 1 Kevin Muscat 2 supporters turning on the club, Oh wait a min some of our so called supporters are as bad
  8. !st Archie Macauley, got us to FA cup Semis while a 3rd div club and then promotion to 2nd Div 2nd Mike Walker 3rd paul Lambert 4th Bond 5th Brown Could mix the last 3 in any order
  9. I feel the same, just remember how we were after the home defeat against West Brom last Sept
  10. Am I the only one to think Peak District Canary is a nutter/binner or plain stupid
  11. One if not the best I have seen in 58 years watching city was Hucks at Birmingham city about 5 years ago There is a YouTube clip out there titled " best goal ever " or similar title if anyone wishes to see it
  12. No , you lost your job through your own actions, if you should have worked you had a duty to work, end of story
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