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  1. There’s only one person who knows whether or not we’ll go up, and that’s LDC, but he seems to be quiet on the subject.
  2. Oh for goodness sake, it’s not all about one player who may or may not have made a difference had he been playing. It’s about the abject failure that was apparent last season and which is continuing now.
  3. Notwithstanding your faith in all things Cantwell, I really doubt that his presence would have made the slightest difference. After all, he was present for most of last season when we managed to lose almost every week.
  4. Absolutely. But our board has consistently demonstrated a failure to act decisively, preferring to dither until it’s too late.
  5. Sorry, but you are clearly demonstrating an acceptance of failure.
  6. One win in 20. How long are you willing to accept failure?
  7. Actually his success was piggy-backed on the one season wonder of Pukki scoring goals, which is something he has spectacularly failed to do before or since. Time to get rid of both.
  8. In my opinion, footballers wearing “Alice Bands” = tw@ttery of the highest order. Same for man buns.
  9. In fairness, despite initially being a little apprehensive, I thought it all went well and that NCFC did an excellent job in sorting it all out at such short notice. It felt completely safe throughout and the two seats either side plus alternate row arrangement worked extremely well.
  10. Hope no-ones considering chanting! https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6919e6.htm
  11. Would it be better to be in the middle of a row and have to squeeze past everyone else to get out for a pee, or at the end of a row and have everyone else squeezing past you? Neither seems particularly in keeping with social distancing, but so long as no-one shouts, coughs or sneezes then I suppose the risk is low. Can’t say the same for the handles on the toilet exit doors - distinctly unhygienic even in pre-Covid times.
  12. Wouldn’t fancy the scrum for the toilets in The Barclay or getting out of the ground at the final whistle.
  13. That gives NCFC lots of time to reconsider its position on the maximum size of family groups which it had previously set at an unrealistic 24 but will now have to reduce to 6 (the limit many other clubs including ITFC had already decided on).
  14. Other clubs had already set the family/bubble limit at a maximum of 6 (Ipsh*t, Sunderland), whereas we were intent on attempting to shoehorn as many as possible into the ground on the ludicrous pretext of having up to 24 in your family group.
  15. Rubbish cup? It’s the only cup we’ve ever won so don’t be so eager to ridicule it.
  16. I hope you’re right, although the truth is that slow, predictable tippy-tappy Farkeball has failed in two out of three seasons and it certainly didn’t work yesterday against Luton who easily closed us down in the final third throughout the game.
  17. If you can’t boo after losing 11 in a row and finishing bottom with our worst ever points tally, when can you? I did plenty of virtual booing.
  18. Exactly. It affected every club, so clearly can’t be used as an excuse for the woeful performances our lot produced week after week.
  19. You still persist with your Covid excuse for our abysmal performances but every team in the country had to cope with exactly the same circumstances. The plain truth is we were shockingly poor and the reasons for that lie firmly within the Club.
  20. We would never know, would we. These things tend to be kept confidential.
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