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  1. 20,000 out of a 90,000 capacity, so one supporter for every 4.5 seats. Taking into account the rows behind and in front, that might allow 1m distancing but not so sure about 2m.
  2. Losing 7.1 at Blackburn was pretty grim, and it felt a very long way home afterwards. However, Millwall away in the mid-70s got the adrenaline flowing! They needed to win to avoid relegation and were 1.0 up for most of the game. We got an equaliser a few minutes from the end and to say the locals didn’t take it well would be a massive understatement. Absolute mayhem, and not in a good way.
  3. Not the friendliest reception from the locals, I seem to recall. Running battles throughout the match.
  4. Coconut rice is divine, although pineapple rice runs it a close second.
  5. LDC would, of course, agree with you wholeheartedly that it’s still entirely possible that we could win 6 out of the remaining 11 matches, although even if we did it may well still not be enough (7 wins and a draw needed for the mythical 40 point barrier). But the reality is we’re a dead team walking. Results have been consistently abysmal, performances one-dimensional, team confidence now shot to pieces, and a board that seemed to have accepted relegation before the first ball of the season was kicked. Clearly spending money on the squad is no guarantee of success in the Prem, and we all know of the examples where some clubs have come seriously unstuck because of this, but equally not spending is an absolute guarantee of failure. Like it or not, establishing a club in the Prem requires money, and a lot of it. It’s hardly surprising that we are where we are.
  6. What about the setbacks over the last 16 weeks?
  7. But equally there are no established Premier League clubs that have succeeded without spending money.
  8. LDC ”The sustainable model may or may not work long term, but it is a long term policy. Money does not solve all the problems and sometimes creates them.” Very true, and there’s no end of examples of clubs in the Championship and below who’ve had money but it hasn’t worked. But equally I can’t think of any examples of established Premier League clubs who have succeeded without money.
  9. Sad though it is to have to admit, but it really does seem that the noble ideal of being a self-sustaining club that lives and succeeds within its own means without external investment is naïve and doomed to failure. In an egalitarian socialist utopia where all clubs operate on a level playing field this would be a realistic way to operate, but football these days, particularly at the highest level where the rewards are huge, requires enormous investment. Yes, we can sell some of our younger home-grown players, probably for severals tens of millions, but always offloading our best players to make ends meet is never going to be a model for becoming an established and successful team in the Premier League. It really is time to accept that the “Little Norwich” mentality has to change. For those that disagree, have a look at Leicester by way of comparison. That league table recently published showing the relative worth of the owners of all Premier League clubs was very telling.
  10. Well, I’ve just checked online and I can’t find any link to my order history, nor any details of my season ticket, my away premier membership or any of the 10 away matches I went to last season. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong on Tuesday when I try to buy my Liverpool ticket?
  11. Anyone received their away membership packs? The first window for Liverpool tickets is next Tuesday and I’ve received nothing yet other than an acknowledgment email when I paid my £51.50 a few weeks ago. It’s getting a bit close.
  12. No, definitely not. Although I’d never ever want Ips***h to win, I definitely would like to see Shef Utd lose tomorrow. We’re limping a bit at the moment and the more help we can get, the better.
  13. The way we play is absolutely the right system for the Prem, but obviously we’ll have to step it up another notch for it to be successful. I genuinely think the current squad has the potential to do that and it’ll be important that we stick with them and that we’re not tempted to bring in too many new faces, simply because they have Premier League “experience”.
  14. It’s a Sunday so anywhere with a single yellow line should be ok.
  15. This feeling of optimism based on proven and sustained success on the pitch is relatively unusual for us at NCFC, so let’s enjoy it while we have the chance. But, I’m sure I’m not the only one who still goes into games hoping for the best but still half-expecting the worst. LDC is right that we shouldn’t count our metaphors until they’re hatched. After all, do we really think we’ll win all of our remaining six matches? It’d be tremendous if we did, and, having already won 8 in a row, it would set a record for the club, but in truth we probably won’t. However, it’s clear that it would take quite a drop in form for us not to go up now, but I agree that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Quiet confidence is one thing, but claiming that it’s all over bar the shouting is a bit premature.
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