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  1. Jonncfc

    New membership scheme

    Well, I’ve just checked online and I can’t find any link to my order history, nor any details of my season ticket, my away premier membership or any of the 10 away matches I went to last season. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong on Tuesday when I try to buy my Liverpool ticket?
  2. Jonncfc

    New membership scheme

    Anyone received their away membership packs? The first window for Liverpool tickets is next Tuesday and I’ve received nothing yet other than an acknowledgment email when I paid my £51.50 a few weeks ago. It’s getting a bit close.
  3. Jonncfc

    Dare we support Sheffield United?

    No, definitely not. Although I’d never ever want Ips***h to win, I definitely would like to see Shef Utd lose tomorrow. We’re limping a bit at the moment and the more help we can get, the better.
  4. Jonncfc

    NCFC, the ultimate yo-yo club.

    The way we play is absolutely the right system for the Prem, but obviously we’ll have to step it up another notch for it to be successful. I genuinely think the current squad has the potential to do that and it’ll be important that we stick with them and that we’re not tempted to bring in too many new faces, simply because they have Premier League “experience”.
  5. Jonncfc

    Info Please

    It’s a Sunday so anywhere with a single yellow line should be ok.
  6. Jonncfc

    Leeds losing

    This feeling of optimism based on proven and sustained success on the pitch is relatively unusual for us at NCFC, so let’s enjoy it while we have the chance. But, I’m sure I’m not the only one who still goes into games hoping for the best but still half-expecting the worst. LDC is right that we shouldn’t count our metaphors until they’re hatched. After all, do we really think we’ll win all of our remaining six matches? It’d be tremendous if we did, and, having already won 8 in a row, it would set a record for the club, but in truth we probably won’t. However, it’s clear that it would take quite a drop in form for us not to go up now, but I agree that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Quiet confidence is one thing, but claiming that it’s all over bar the shouting is a bit premature.
  7. Jonncfc

    Is broadcasting making it worse?

    I imagine they’ll all be court martialled but until then, as with everyone else accused of a crime, they’re innocent until proven guilty, so just what exactly do you expect the Chief of the General Staff to say at this stage? As for racism in football, this mirrors racism in society in general. People are far more aware of it now and, quite rightly, it gets flagged up whenever and wherever it happens, but let’s not pretend for even one second that it’s anything like it was in the 1970s or that it’s somehow suddenly getting worse.
  8. Their squad is lacking players of any real quality, the only money Lambert will have to strengthen will be the few pounds they get from off-loading the dross, their crowds will dwindle yet further and they won’t have the new manager bounce that we benefitted from. They’ll find it a lot harder than they think and will struggle to get much above mid-table. The few remaining supporters will become increasingly disillusioned and Lambert will be gone by Christmas. They need a complete rebuild from top to bottom.
  9. Jonncfc

    Are we powderpuff? Discuss

    Had a bit of “banter” with some disgruntled Rotherham supporters on the way back to the station who were scathing about our alleged cheating, diving and feigning injury. I think that’s a bit harsh but, that said, we do have one or two extremely talented players (who shall remain nameless) who have a tendency to go down fairly easily and who then spend the next 10 seconds sitting on the ground gesticulating at the ref instead of getting up and chasing back.
  10. Jonncfc

    Millwall away pub to meet

    Some great pubs around London Bridge, all with character and proper beer: The Market Porter The George The Wheatsheaf The Anchor The Horseshoe
  11. Jonncfc

    Song for Marco

    And here’s to you, Marco Stiepermann Norwich loves you more than you will know Wo wo wo God bless you please, Marco Stiepermann Carrow Road’s the place for you to play Hey hey hey Hey hey hey
  12. Jonncfc

    Scarf day again

    Some people, presumably of relatively mature years, are behaving very much like spoilt children. Regardless of whether or not you think the flag idea is a positive one, there’s really no need to be so negative about something that is well-intentioned and designed to help the team on the pitch. Time to swallow your pride and grow up a little.
  13. Jonncfc

    Scarf day again

    Excellent effort yesterday from all concerned. Good idea to spread them further across The Barclay rather than concentrating them in a smaller area - better overall effect. Although most people seem to know that the flags need to be collected in at half-time I have seen one or two individuals trying to hang on to them. Hope most were returned and not too many damaged.
  14. Jonncfc

    The woman in the Upper Barclay

    Often wondered when I’m at a match whether football supporters reflect wider society or whether there is a greater proportion of those who are slightly socially inept or otherwise outwith the norm, and if it’s the latter does that include me?
  15. Jonncfc

    The woman in the Upper Barclay

    Had a similar experience many years ago when I foolishly had a season ticket in The City Stand. The 2 blokes behind me spent every match talking loudly and incessantly about the optimum time for planting potatoes, the latest techniques for harvsting wheat and the latest deals on new tractors. Moved to The Barclay after that season!