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  1. What a shame. I'm sure he/she will never get over it.
  2. I hope you are not also a teacher
  3. God (or whoever you believe in) help the pupils you teach.
  4. Having a family day out from Bristol for the Cardiff game. Anyone know if there is transport from Cardiff station to the ground?
  5. Watched the highlights today and for the second penalty, Gibson clearly won the ball and the player fell over Gibson foot. The ball had gone out from Gibson's tackle.
  6. “We’re going to go into the Premier League with a very competitive squad, really strict and rigid wage structure, with young hungry players complemented with a few senior players. But should the worst happen at any given point… we are able to go down (and) keep that squad together (without) huge restructuring. “That’s a huge lesson that we will implement and make sure that we have that young competitive squad that we believe will keep us in the Premier League for many, many years. But if an event happens, we’re absolutely fine.”
  7. I'm wondering if we might have difficulties convincing some players to join us if they think we will do the same as Sheffield Utd this season.
  8. Can't seem to access twtd. Anyone else have a problem?
  9. Maligayang Pasko po Sa lahat ..... Merry Christmas to all from the Philippines.
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