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  1. Rumours of Liverpool interest - do we have a sell on clause? Apologies if answered before
  2. stewfil

    MOTD penalty claim

    So nobody else spotted the handball then
  3. Watching Tim Cahill on MOTD, he was raging about the penalty claim on Barnes, but I thought he handled it before he went down. Did anyone else see that?
  4. It gives them central eating
  5. Sorry didn't see the other thread before posting
  6. stewfil

    fubo tv

    Ok thanks
  7. stewfil

    fubo tv

    Hi Bill. My cable supplier has stopped EPL this year. Any decent streams?
  8. stewfil

    Keys and Gray

    Keys and Gray are on Bein sports, out of Indonesia I think. Bein sports big in SE Asia which is where I am able to watch the Prem as well as La Liga, SerieA on cable.
  9. Just after the Charity Shield game, Keys said "Norwich will be at Anfield on Friday for our coverage and they will be on the end of a good hiding"
  10. stewfil

    Happy Birthday Nutty Nigel

    Happy Birthday Nutty
  11. http://priceoffootball.com/sheffield-wednesday-2017-18-when-the-sun-goes-down/
  12. stewfil

    Sheff Utd v Binners

    Ipswich Town manager Paul Lambert: "Congratulations to Sheffield United. They're nearly, nearly there. They're a very good side. I think they're the best team we've played. "What I did say to the lads is 'remember that atmosphere because we could have that next year'.
  13. I wonder how much he would cost if Cardiff went down. He's a good keeper
  14. Steven has had a period at Norwich where he maybe never felt loved or had that feeling that he could help. He is a very generous-spirited guy. He likes helping. It is in his nature.Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/hearts/craig-levein-i-d-love-to-keep-naismith-but-could-earn-far-more-abroad-1-4843204