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  1. I'm wondering if we might have difficulties convincing some players to join us if they think we will do the same as Sheffield Utd this season.
  2. Can't seem to access twtd. Anyone else have a problem?
  3. Maligayang Pasko po Sa lahat ..... Merry Christmas to all from the Philippines.
  4. Sam McCallum: Norwich sign Coventry left-back and loan back to Sky Blues
  5. I wonder how much Palace would get from PSG?
  6. How is it that the Plymouth keeper is wearing the same colour as Swindon players.
  7. Rumours of Liverpool interest - do we have a sell on clause? Apologies if answered before
  8. So nobody else spotted the handball then
  9. Watching Tim Cahill on MOTD, he was raging about the penalty claim on Barnes, but I thought he handled it before he went down. Did anyone else see that?
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