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  1. I was at the Sunderland v Doncaster match at the weekend. Josh Martin was very impressive, i know its league one but i still feel there is a player there for us. More so if we are in the championship next season.
  2. lets be honest im only 29 and this is already probably the 20th time ive "questioned my sanity" for going to a game. We are 5/1 which says it all and after some of our performances i dont blame those who decide to keep there hard earned money. Im seeing it as a day out with my dad and a trip to see a new stadium and have zero expectations.
  3. Is it not obvious what is happening here. Isn't getting the new deal he wants so he and club are playing hardball with each other. if no deal is agreed we need to sell in January so are probably protecting there investment.
  4. The biggest issue for me is wage structure, Buendia has had his wage's more than doubled to go to a team not in Europe. He was on a reported 15k a week last season (35 after promotion) > 80k a week. On top of this to be offered a 5 year deal at 24 which probably does not include a relegation reduction, this is something we simply cannot compete with. The same will go for Cantwell, aarons & any other breakthrough player we have this season. the top 6 and other wealthy clubs along with a post brexit transfer market will make even average premier league players 50k plus a week. The only answer is to find the best options we can that fit into our structure and trust in the academy to produce players that we can re-sell to further invest. all departments need to work at 100% for us to even compete at the premier league level. on a positive note we will always be a financial heavyweight at championship level as long as we go up every 3 seasons after a relegation.
  5. Any chance we can ask aarons to stay again until January and "see where we are again" and just keep doing this until he is 27/28 and then sell before he starts to loose value
  6. We have been spoilt by the movement of Pukki, simple as that. Hugill a completely different type of forward and showed much more today. Maybe a chance for a run in the team for him. maybe give him that run before we all decide to bin him off. but just to be clear i dont envy the job webber has replacing Pukki at some point. He makes any striker in this league look average.
  7. yet another crucial win. Don't forget we have 12 players out injured currently and a youth prospect in goal. Farke is working miracles to have us on 50 points from 24 games in a very challenging league all things considered.
  8. Also listened, so much of it was a front. Some deep rooted mental illnesses there, seems such a shame clearly a talented player but for whatever reason cant cope with the professional lifestyle required. Cant help but feel he will massively regret it in the future, deep down he knows where the problem lies and seems like hes trying to convince himself everything else is the problem. as other's have mentioned at the end of the day hes 29 and cant find a club, should be in the prime of his career but he has burnt to many bridges and as little as i want to body shame people he is clearly not fit. Waste, but hope he gets better.
  9. Player that needs time and a run of games, Vrancic, Stipermann & now even Rupp are examples of players who needed time to settle in to English football. Have to remember Placheta is completely new to English football and you can see that he needs coaching. Felt like v brentford he needed to be hugging the touchline and using his pace but he played like an inside forward and ran into traffic. Cantwell struggled in the championship at times first year and Hugill hasn't exactly got off to a flyer this year, with the budget we are working on we need to accept we are getting raw talent that needs work and we are very lucky to have a head coach who has a proven track record of getting the most out of his players.
  10. Krul Byram Zimmerman Hanley Lewis Trybul Vrancic Buendia(if fit)/Rupp Duda Cantwell Pukki in my opinion we lack width playing byram left back, who does not deserve to be dropped after his fantastic performance v Burnley and the same goes for lewis.
  11. We also need to seriously think about our home grown situation in case we are relegated this season. i wouldn't want us to sell any Home grown qualified players in January. If people are sold let it at least be over the summer and in championship then Farke has a pre-season to test out academy products and go to market if need's be.
  12. absolute madness. Check our record with and without him and think again, the lad never stops pressing and never hides. Always trying to create. his attitude is quite simply a culture thing, which he can't change.
  13. Stieperman is crucial to how we play, when he does not play we have not out/direct ball. Is he struggling with the step up? yes. However putting a Vrancic square peg in a round hole to replace him just makes the situation worse. This group of players deserve our support this season after what was a miraculous season last year. Give them all the time they deserve.
  14. Loans make total sense this year. If we get immediately relegated we only get 2 year's of parachute payments, This summer we have improved squad depth risk free, id do still think we are striker short. But realistically who is going to come to inevitably be 2nd or 3rd choice. If we stay up we know that we have 1 more year premier league money and a further 3 years of parachute payments (not 2), allowing us more freedom to offer 3-4 year deals on mid-lower level premier league money.
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