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  1. Krul Byram Zimmerman Hanley Lewis Trybul Vrancic Buendia(if fit)/Rupp Duda Cantwell Pukki in my opinion we lack width playing byram left back, who does not deserve to be dropped after his fantastic performance v Burnley and the same goes for lewis.
  2. We also need to seriously think about our home grown situation in case we are relegated this season. i wouldn't want us to sell any Home grown qualified players in January. If people are sold let it at least be over the summer and in championship then Farke has a pre-season to test out academy products and go to market if need's be.
  3. absolute madness. Check our record with and without him and think again, the lad never stops pressing and never hides. Always trying to create. his attitude is quite simply a culture thing, which he can't change.
  4. Stieperman is crucial to how we play, when he does not play we have not out/direct ball. Is he struggling with the step up? yes. However putting a Vrancic square peg in a round hole to replace him just makes the situation worse. This group of players deserve our support this season after what was a miraculous season last year. Give them all the time they deserve.
  5. Loans make total sense this year. If we get immediately relegated we only get 2 year's of parachute payments, This summer we have improved squad depth risk free, id do still think we are striker short. But realistically who is going to come to inevitably be 2nd or 3rd choice. If we stay up we know that we have 1 more year premier league money and a further 3 years of parachute payments (not 2), allowing us more freedom to offer 3-4 year deals on mid-lower level premier league money.
  6. Its a club totally stuck in the past and I'm glad. let them talk about the 80's. Meanwhile we invest in the category 1 academy, training ground and hopefully in the future the stadium. All while under a realistic cost neutral approach to be in the top 25 team's in England/Wales. meanwhile they fail a 12,000 season ticket holder target and systematically sell off there assetts to cover massive losses. Fortunately our fans and club is more ambitious and look's to the future.
  7. having a more comfortable player on the ball at centre back is vital to how we play. It also gives us the chance to overload on attacks. Video below covers it well. (sorry if this has been shared before) 5 minutes in.
  8. Im currently in the North East (Hartlepool) one of the lads from my sunday league team works for a removals company. Recently (2 weeks ago) moved Mr Rhodes to his new house in Norfolk from Middelsborugh. Seems as though to me the deal is done and the club is just waiting to announce it.
  9. Frankly who cares. Lambert left this club over a season ago. This is a forum for Norwich City supporters. I couldnt care less about Aston Villa, Lambert, or any players he signs. Some people need to move on and concentrate on supporting their own team.
  10. You are quite correct Canary girl. Instead of spending my time posting negative or positive posts on this forum during the vital run in. I, like many other loyal supprters, spent my time travelling to places like Wigan and Stoke as well as attending every home game and numerous other away fixtures and supporting the team, hoping that they would get the results they needed. Of course some of those performances were disappointing but Im a great believer in if you cannot say anything positive or productive dont say anything at all. I didnt say anything until i had something to say. I dont think im being smug, just factually correct. We finished 11th in the best league in the world and very few if any of the managers and players voiciferous critics have stood up to be counted and admit they were wrong.Not that this suprises me in any way at all. in fact I would have been astonished if they had. We wont have to wait too long for them to come out of the woodwork if we loose the first couple of games next season they will be back.
  11. Very peased to note that my post has provoked some excellent and informed debate from many loyal fans who uderstand football and therefore understand what the club has achieved over the last four seasons.However, I note with interest, that there is a distinct lack of praise for the club, the manager,the players and the loyal fans, from those who were serial offenders, talking negative nonsense for the majority of the vital run in when the club needed support the most.Absolutely typical is all I can say.
  12. Not interested in Fergie or manchester united, although he was a great manager and they are a gret club. I support Norwich. I fully agree that we fell away after christmas but the premier league, the best and most competative league in the world by a mile, is a marathon played over 38 games and any team ends up where they deserve to end up. After 38 games we ended up 11th. That for me is the end of the argument. The manager, the board , the players and the fans deserve huge credit for that achievement. The upgrading of the academy, and the the superb success of the youth & under 21 sides are all further causes to be positive about the future. Lets not pre judge next season yet, lets wait and see what happens before we do that. Nobody can argue with the tactics of the current manager, We finsihed 11th in the best league in the world and the future is rosy.
  13. My main point on this matter is this. How many of you were at the Colchester game wnen we lost 7-1 at home in our first game in league 1,only a few years ago, as I was? What this club has achieved since is nothing short of a fairy tale. I cannot believe anybody can be negative about what this club, the board, the management, the players and the fantastic supporters have achieved since that day. Those who are negative need to look at themselves and ask why. What did they expect when the ref blew the final whistle on that awful day? I would bet that nobody, including me, would have wagered 1 penny on Norwich being where they are now, having beaten Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City this season alone in the process.The only difference between me, the majority of the other loyal supporters and the whingers is that we realise how lucky we are and how important it is to recognise that fact and how important it is that we give credit where it is due and that we continue to support the team that we love and who deserve that support, its a simple as that really.
  14. Fair comment of course everybody is entitled to an opnion but it should be based upon common sense, fairness & fact, which mine is. 11h in the best league in the world. In a results based businees that is what matters. I recall only 2 weeks ago somebody suggestng the manager should be sacked & replaced with the youth team coach, that our centre forward was rubbish and should be sold and the central midfielder whos has scored 2 world class goals in consecutive games was rubbish.Whilst i admit that Lambert did a fantastic job for this club our current manager has exceeded his league finish and earned us several million pounds more, whilst signing one of the mot promising international strikers in Europe for next season. I repeat again some people owe the club, the manager and the some players apologies, if they are man enough to admit it.
  15. To all of those who unfairly critisised and villified our manager, our centre forward, & our attacking midfielder perhaps you now have the decency to admit you were wrong? we have finished 11th in the most competative premier league in the world on very limited resources and the club is now in a fantastic postition to move forward. Have the decency to stand up and apologise for some of the histrionic drivel that hes been posted over the past few weeks on this forum. Get behind your team, support them and enjoy what has been a fantastic success story with more to come.
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