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  1. heard it will be Lee Clark to be Roeders assistant
  2. If the board want somebody to calm the fans down a bit, then my advice would be get Ian Crook back as soon as possible as part of the coaching team
  3. well said, they will all be singing his name on sunday when hucks scores the winner! the man is a legend we havnt seen many better players at carrow road
  4. I have two great sources. I definately know Jewell is the man they want, but after speaking to one of my sources  last night unfortunately he said there was only a ''chance'' we might get him. The way he was talking and without him naming names, I think it could be Glen Roeder
  5. I agree 100%, he is quick as we know, but hes a liability in defence. Cant tackle, he lets wide players get behind him and his positional sense is a joke. No wonder he couldnt get in crewes 1st team. Cost us goals this season. While we are on the defence 2 other classic signings, Murray an Lappin, both pub team players. Cant wait for Doc to get fit l think we realise now how much we miss him, time to get off his back
  6. my source is better than yours and l can tell you that he hasnt signed....... yet!
  7. why is it the worst post ever you plonker, l cant give too many details as you should understand, just telling you what l know, if you take time and read my posts you will understand that l give genuine info if l have it
  8. why do you reply to crap posts, posts from people who claim to know the programme seller or the head stewards mate. I give you genuine top source info and only get a couple of feedbacks. Dont forget youve  heard it from me, Paul Jewell 1st choice guaranteed, Simon Grayson and Pierre Littbarski been interviewed, club want Ian Crook back  in some capacity, we''ll see
  9. norwich approached blackpool, had interview today. Jewell number 1 choice though
  10. aparently jewell is the one they want, but worried that sheff.utd want him too as robson gona get the boot
  11. What ive heard is that Jewell is norwichs lst choice, but cant do anything till early november when he becomes free. Ncfc are shi****g themselves because bryan robson is getting the sack at sheff. utd and they want him. If it comes down to choice,it will be  sheff.utd, Simon Grayson got interview on wednesday at norwich.
  12. l only post genuine material, he will bring brian little with him if he gets job. Short list Paul Jewell, Pierre Littbarski, Simon Grayson plus maybe one or two others
  13. Simon Grayson got interview wednesday, bringing Brian Little with him
  14. Littbarskis got great experience, and we know what chippys all about. Both had great success as a team together and can bring new ideas to the league,what a great partnership, lets get back to playing some decent football, bring it on!!
  15. l know for a fact one of them wont be there
  16. maybe not as manager  but chief coach, remember pass and move?
  17. great shout that l agree, till the end of the season, then let chippy bring his own man in, chippys a legend!
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