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  1. thanks for your help. Is the red lion the only place people know of?
  2. Does anyone know of any pubs that are showing our games in london. Particularly the blackburn game? Gonna be in london this weekend and dont want to miss the game.
  3. been watching the events from sydney!.....still cant quite believe it!
  4. yea i think our ''moment'' in the spot light was last week....not today as we were pretty much champions this time last week
  5. cheers for that! Not stopped yet...now showing hightlights!!
  6. west brom v middlesbrough is the main game http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00s644s
  7. [quote user="NCFC1"]can someone pm the link to me please thank you[/quote] it''s already in this thread above....just look
  8. thats because if you live in the uk you can''t actually watch it direct via the bet 365 website...but if you go via the links given above...it will be on, promise!
  9. There is going to be a stream tomorrow, bet 365 are also covering it......the game is now showing up on all the usual sites so come tomz us ticketless fans will get to watch the game!!!
  10. thanks to henrik on another thread.....it is on norweigen tv heres the tv schedule http://www.omtv.se/tabla/tv4_sport/?date=2 So chances of there being a stream are looking very good!! fingers crossed.......
  11. can''t see it on any of the usaul sites.....fingers crossed for a link sat morning! For anyone not in norfolk who can''t even listen to the game...bbc london have full commentary on the game, i think you can also get it through sky tv
  12. can''t find it on any listings anywhere? Where did you see the game was going to be on?
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