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  1. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

    Need a ticket for tomorrow's game, Norwich fan, can anybody help?
  2. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

    Well lm dealing with numptys lm afraid
  3. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

  4. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

    Job lot What do you mean by that, not light??
  5. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

  6. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

    Whats got to do with me wanting a ticket. Another numbnut!
  7. bringbackchippy

    West Ham ticket wanted

    Did l ask for Burnley tickets then ****!
  8. bringbackchippy

    New membership scheme

    Stop bloody whinging! Must be the wigwearing numptys or cabbage. You go 5 star you expect to pay 5 star money, get over it. Spurs here l come!
  9. bringbackchippy


    We might be a poor side with a sh.te manager, but the Scum are worse than us so lets get the team selection right Farke and lets stuff em 3-4 nil

  10. bringbackchippy

    Message to Daniel

    im nearly in tears. That was lovely hope he reads this.

    Farke off! Bless him
  11. bringbackchippy

    Get the Faarke out of our club!

    Short for McNalley
  12. bringbackchippy

    Get the Faarke out of our club!

    Who do you think he is mr spaniel. Take it your a doggy?
  13. bringbackchippy

    Get the Faarke out of our club!

    And take Webber with you.

    Bring back Lambert Culverhouse and Malley
  14. bringbackchippy


    Glad l never went. What a load of sh.te!

    No Farking good that German l tell you!
  15. bringbackchippy

    How much longer.....

    Vorsprung Dork No Technique

    Like l keep saying. Clueless
  16. bringbackchippy

    Vorsprung Dorke no Teqnique or idea

    Stieplman on the right are having a laugh!

    Hernandez got you out of the sh.t.Farke
  17. bringbackchippy

    Match thread v Luton

    Unfortunately there are quite a few strange NCFC Supporters ie the curly wig brigade and the weirdo with the parrot
  18. bringbackchippy

    Football Lads Alliance

    have my support 100% looking forward to next meeting/march

  19. bringbackchippy

    E Franfurt

    Please Take Him Home!!
  20. bringbackchippy

    finish below scum!

    No excuses finish below that shi.e the final straw, Farke isnt good enough now or for next season. Tactics are Sunday football stuff. What makes you think we are going to score goals or not let so many soft goals in next season. Get rid now because we will be looking for a new manager after 20 games, another season wasted!

    Vorsprung Dork No Technique

    l would get Ian Culverhouse (great coach) with a manager
  21. bringbackchippy

    one word

    2 words now.

    Fu.kin Dross!
  22. bringbackchippy

    one word

  23. bringbackchippy

    Moritz looks good

    At last someone to replace Ian Crook! Looks a player
  24. bringbackchippy


    So the new players have moved here for the Atmosphere, well they are in for a big reality check!

    They will probably be sick of the crumpled On The Ball City and the embarassing Y''Army after a few games
  25. bringbackchippy


    Vranic not good enough to lace lan Crooks boots so dont down that route!