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  1. This has got to be a joke! Referring to Oliveira as a ‘quality player’ is laughable. He shouldn’t be in the squad again on the basis he’s not good enough (worse than our current three strikers). Before people start complaining about the fact he was feeding off scraps - look at his goal record wherever he’s been - it’s poor.
  2. For anyone at the match - how did he play? What type of player is he?
  3. Constantly hiding - never runs near post for a cross, very rarely near penalty spot when wingers have ball, just stands on outskirts of area and blames winger when cross doesn’t find him. Can’t head a ball, fancy flicks often lose the ball - hold up play horrible!
  4. Bang average player, provided we add in Jan, not fussed about this at all, especially if he’s on big wages
  5. I have it on good authority that it is. Not overly pleased with this, think it''s a step backwards given his complete inexperience!
  6. Had the season of his life in Champs. Not good enough for premier league by a stretch which was leaguer we were playing in when we sold him. Not set the world alight at Derby, back to being average Champs player. At the time, correct decision to sell. I''d have him back now but you don''t keep a player in case you get relegated. Similar story to Chris Martin a few seasons before.
  7. [quote user="Inch High aka Inchy.."]Idiot.[/quote] Very articulate and well thought out argument..... Don''t see the issue, Rowett is completely unproven; I don''t get why he''s so popular; he never got Brum in playoffs. Warburton is a better option than Rowett to megiven what he did at Brentford but still questionable. Pardew did well at Newcastle emphasised by where they are now. Pardew has been in playoff finals and got West Ham promoted from this league, taken them to an FA cup final (second FA cup final of his career). Pardew also took Palace to their best ever premier league finish. Surely the most decorated manager of all the candidates - not sure why some are so quick to dismiss, perhaps the facts above will change some minds.
  8. He wants it (Charlie Wyatt usually knows what he''s talking about) - lets get him!
  9. [quote user="morty"]My ITK source may be along with some news very soon....[/quote] Think you''ll find Wyett''s nailed it already.
  10. [quote user="morty"]Charlie Wyett saying on twitter that Jez had a falling out with Delia.[/quote] How do you overcome that? Need a CEO that knows about football and won''t disagree with Delia?
  11. [quote user="The Nightfly"]Cobain18. Allegedly, the role wasn''t what he thought it was - one could argue he''s been a bit naive if that''s the case. Or was he told a different story and he''s seen the reality?[/quote] You could draw that conclusion!
  12. Allegedly, the role wasn''t what he thought it was - one could argue he''s been a bit naive if that''s the case
  13. You and me both. Hope we can rely on the board to do the right thing!
  14. Can we please employ him! I know it won''t happen and we''ll end up sacking Neil in 2 games and replacing him with Hodsgon but really think Pardew would be a good replacement
  15. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"][quote user="Cobain18"]Fans were a disgrace at the weekend!! Bassong''s confidence shot to bits because of jeers, boos and sarcastic cheers. We''ve ruined a decent champs player much in the same way we ruined Snodgrass while he was at the club - he''s now doing ok. Bassong helped two clubs to promotion last season .... Hasn''t suddenly become a bad player.[/quote] Nail on the head Cobain, Bassong helped two clubs to promotion, not last season but 2 years ago. Since then he has been abysmal in the prem, and abysmal this season. He''s finished.[/quote] That''s quite a basic explanation - no one seems to have volunteered a reason/source of the problem. Why has he suddenly started playing badly? Can he recover his form? I''d suggest he''s a very goid championship player and would regain confidence elsewhere, making a lot of fans on this board look rather foolish
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