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  1. [quote user="Philipo87"][quote user="Nuff Said"]I was having problems with Canaries World too. The Match Live Centre isn''t working but if you choose Live Audio from the drop down list from the World logo, it does work.[/quote] I cant get either to work!! Its so annoying! The one game u need it to work it does not!!!  [/quote]Can''t you just listen to it on Radio 5?
  2. "Abramovic didn''t make Chelsea good, Mourinho did. Ranieri spent loads of cash and didn''t improve Chelsea in his time under Abramovic, Mourinho brought wisely and turned Chelsea into the team they are.I''m sure none of you would be complaining if it''d happened to us...." I would argue this Lambo. I believe the year Abramovic came in Chelsea finshed second under Ranieri putting Man Utd into 3rd. An impressive feat with one season of money, far better than Man City have managed so far. Also, unfortunately for Ranieri, they came against the ''Invincibles'' in Arsenal. I think any team, even Chelsea under Mourinho, would not have knocked them off the top. I genuinely believe the foundations for the Chelsea team now were built under Ranieri. Lampard, Terry,  and Cech were all brought into the team by Ranieri who have all been pivital to their success. Mourinho was a master at management but did no better in Europe with them as Ranieri did. It seems ill-judged to be so dismissive of Ranieri''s contribution to their siliverware fortunes as you happen to be.
  3. I am thereOTBC and all that malarky.I haven''t been for a while, is keith Briggs still playing?
  4. Ron  Jeremy, perhaps you could wave your oversized magic wand and fix it?
  5. [Ha ha ha, oh my lord, what drivel. People are purely just having laugh at GP''s spelling on his post, i for one mean no harm, its just good natured banter as i see it, there''s no playground bullying going on, and if you think there is then perhaps you need to have a word with yourself? perhaps you were bullied at school and are a little sensitive, boo hoo, go tell the teacher.] I''m suggesting you think about your actions. I have no care about my spelling and anyone can mock me with it but it is obvious he is concerned about it. Many people are seriously bullied at school for Dyslexia and i think you should think about the effect you can have on the younger posters. From his replies it obvious you did offend him. You can mock me all you want but it was obvious from his post that he is sensitive about his writing so just think about what you pick up on
  6. I think some people on this board are a joke. i am a script-writer and so I hold the art of English closely to my heart  but to be picking up on minor spelling mistakes by one person is absolutely crazy. This person obviously is very aware of his spelling and to carry on pulling him up on his mis-spellings is simply bullying. This is an area for debate and conversation where, as i see it, as long as you understand the point they are putting across then their grammar should not matter. Please think about what you are saying, this board is becoming more like a playground everyday. I am sorry GP, the stick you have recieved is unbelievable
  7. Should be near the end of the game now. Anyone know anything yet?
  8. I was wondering this myself. Does the webteam know?
  9. I interviewed him at the start of the season and that is his voice. It is a fairly posh/london accent. He seems like an intelligent lad and actually gives a good interview unlike others!
  10. I think you are unaware of the general mood of Norwich Fans we8wba. I believe most are behind Roeder not just because of the results but also because of the style of football he is making us play. Many feel that they wish to protest because it is the only means of getting a message over to the board about how it is their last chance. They have failed the fans over the last couple of years but it looks as if, so far, they have made the right choice in Roeder. Norwich has always been a club about the passing game and we are delighted it has come back. I don''t believe it is the new manager syndrome because we started off badly under him but have got better. If you had seen Norwich over this season you would be able to understand the change that has already taken place.
  11. A feeling around Norwich fans is one of optimism. Although i know there are some people still wanting to protest about the Board whereas i believe, as do many, it will effect a finally winning team. How about not marching for the Board out but for the Board to back Roeder. Demand that Roeder is backed by the board. This means that the board are in every way aware of there duty but at the same time the team and manager feels the fans are very much behind them? May be a logical way forward?
  12. I have always believed this is a miss guided view on the lack of english quality coming through to major premiership quality. The FA let the nation down when they closed the national school of excilence at Lillishaw. All the major nations have a national school. Players like Henry and came from the french one. Wenger has already stated that the problem with english training is the club academies generally pick up the players at the age of 12/13. By this point you have had a majority of your football upbringing. Children below this age are trained by unqualified coaches. I remember at the age of ten when the majority of my training was running. Why does a ten year old have to work on their fitness? I should have been playing 5-a-side instead of 11-a-side untill i was 14 but the FA hold 11-a-side leagues from the age of ten. When Juninho came over he was horrified by the youth system, stating he didn''t play 11-a-side untill he was forteen. Then we question why other nations are so competent on the ball? It is obvious. It is because they are trained with the ball, to enjoy having possession, by qualified coaches. The idea of 10 year olds being trained to win a 11-a-side sunday league game instead of improving thier technique is what has let down this nation. We rely on complete raw talent. The FA need to review the coaching system of our youngsters and make coaching badges cheaper and more difficult. I wanted to become a coach but the first badge was £100 and it was only about how to pass the ball. The idea of playing players ahead of other players is bizzarre. If you look at Arsenal they have brought youth players through but they just aren''t good enough. There is too much to work on once we get them because the FA has let them down. Wenger brought through Sidwell (not getting a game at Chelsea), Bentley (good for a mid-table team), Pennant (maybe the most successful) but they just simply aren''t good enough to get into the Arsenal team. Pennant has played constantly for the last three seasons and hasn''t got into the England team so why should have Wenger played him more? he would not have been good enough. This argument covers up the deep cracks that are oh so clear in the youth policy in this nation
  13. And his teams generally play good football. Paul Jewell please!
  14. I know i am going to be laughed at but i genuinely do not understand why everyone hates Delia so much and how they blame her for the downfall of the club. Delia is only an investor and  shares holder. Roger Munby is the chairman of this Football Club but because he doesn''t speak to the media Delia is all to blame. It saddens me to see nearly all norwich fans in moral panic, and turning on the folk Devil that has been put in front of you. Please, stop following the trend of a fast turning tabloid nation and think about your opinions before you summarise the failings of a club on one investor. The asking for new investors is obvious, and with the recent financial publication, warranted.To blame the failings of a club on Delia is bizzarre, she is not to blame any more than a board member, chairman, manager or chief executive. She has given money to this club that she is a supporterof, just like you and me. I am not saying if a wealthier person came in and took over at the club i would not be happy for the extra revenue, because i certainly would, i just find it incomprehencable to blame the recent Norwich City FC story all on one person.
  15. [quote user="JaundicedJockGeorgy"]Surely Brellier is still suspended after being sent off at Wolves? I thought players had to miss three matches after a red card offence, and by my reckoning Brellier has only missed one.[/quote]   He got two yellows which is only a one-match ban. It is a three-match ban if it is a straight red
  16. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="Canaries Canary"]Ian Crook against Southampton (in the Rumbelows cup I think) Every single pass went astray. Even the back passes![/quote] I refuse to accept my all time fave Player.. Iwan Roberts EVER had a bad game for us.. the man is a living Deity! jas :) [/quote]   How about the away game against Everton in the FA Cup? Gave away 2 penalties? I say that is a bad game for a forward! Legend though!
  17. It is fairly important. If you are a left sided centre back means you will be marking the right sided forward. This normally means that they will try and run with their stronger foot, so down the defenders left. Trying to tackle with your weaker foot can lead to fouls/penalties/ missing the ball.Also it is normal for a good defender to show a player wide, this also meaning you would push the forward onto the defenders left foot.
  18. Oopsie. Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_XmC2aXlyE   Please forgive me and my stupidity
  19. Found this link of Lewis playing for Morecambe. Looks like a good save. The manager describes it as a "world-class" save. Not sure about that but it is good
  20. I think i actually love Truthseeker. I''m not even joking, When i see he has posted something i get so excited to read it
  21. Looking at the goal the defence was caught out by a quick free kick. I would not rteally blame the goal on Shackell or Drury. The right back and The Doc were sitting so deep they made it easy. I personally believe they should have stepped up to catch him off side.
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