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  1. Canaries Canary

    This time last year...

    Yeah. And that worked out well didn''t it!
  2. Canaries Canary

    Making money on Malky

    Malky is currently 2/1 for us on Skybet

    11/2 for West Brom

    7/1 Brighton

    Seeing as he is desperate to get back into management surely he''ll take one of these. So if you bet a tenner on each one you''re pretty unlikely to lose.
  3. Canaries Canary

    Who is our ACTUAL worst signing?

    [quote user="Bury Green"]Sutch for example, there has never ever been a worse player over such a sustained period.[/quote]

    Agreed. Over 300 appearances. I can only remember 1 good game.
  4. Canaries Canary

    Who is our ACTUAL worst signing?


    Terrible player and because Chase got his fingers burnt he never decent spent money on a player again. Was the beginning of the end (first time round)
  5. Canaries Canary

    End the Relegation system

    Purley on entertainment in the top division it''s a great idea. American football is far more exciting because of it. A team thats 1/10 playing a team that''s going for the playoffs will try all sorts of crazy plays making it far more exciting.

    It''ll never happen though...
  6. Canaries Canary

    Joe Hart

    Why would anybody on here want Ruddy to be Englands No1? If he was he''d be out of here like a shot next summer?
  7. Many thanks for posting this. Really interesting stuff. I just about remember it first time round.

    The crying shame is that it wasn''t Paxman or Frost interviewing. Talk about let off the hook...
  8. Canaries Canary

    If Gary Hooper had been fit

    Agbonlahor will be higher up the list.
  9. Canaries Canary

    Team News for Hull


  10. Canaries Canary

    Video technology in football

    To be fair it''s new in Cricket. They''re bound to have teething problems.

    A better comparison would be American football where they get it right 95% of the time.
  11. Canaries Canary


    His agent wasn''t as good as the others.

    An option for a 4th year is activated by us. So if he''s good we activate clause. If he''s poo then we can let him go (after 3 years)
  12. Canaries Canary

    News From The North East Regarding Us

    What a sad way of going about things.

    Moan about it then apologise.

    It''s a message board. Can''t we just be civil and talk about the possibility?
  13. Canaries Canary

    News From The North East Regarding Us

    Jesus. Drives me nuts when all the ''respected posters'' jump all over someone. Stops people from posting you know.

    I only have a few posts but told you all about Fer in yellows first and when Safri was about to leave (I know my rumours are few and far between) but both times had people jump all over me.

    Guess what. Sometimes people do know things.
  14. Canaries Canary

    Fulham - the new QPR

    I would add that the owners NFL team is regarded as one of the leagues worst. It''s one of the reasons that he''s considering moving the whole franchise to London.
  15. Canaries Canary

    David McNally Love Song