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  1. Can we get McNally back? Always felt he had unfinished business with us. Mind you I think he felt he was not supported enough and so jumped.
  2. I''d add Hooper to that list too, For me the big problems (and I can''t say mistakes) is that we forked out a huge amount of money one season for just 2 players, Hooper and RVW and each time we thought we were doing brilliant signings and fair to say both failed. We need another quality center back, we need someone who can score and we''d be pretty much sorted - where to find that striker thou I don''t know.
  3. I do have some concerns, I remember a few years ago we had the England #2 keeper (Greeno) and he go injured so Gallacher payed, he played well and so when Greeno moved on he became the holder of the shirt. Then that season was the season of 5 keepers under Mr Grant. We''re blessed to have the England #2 keeper in our squad and as long as Bunn is as good a keeper as your average Championship one then we''ll be okay until Ruddy gets back. Bunn looks to have most of the qualities needed of a top level reserve keeper so I think that getting him in was a great decision.
  4. Saw this today: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/birmingham-city/8506991/Birmingham-City-goalkeeper-Ben-Foster-retires-from-England-duty.html Basically says Foster is taking time out from the England squad, Green is probably being promoted to #2 (wasn''t he #2 anyway) and that they are looking at John Ruddy as a potential #3. Given the keepers from England who are playing regular Prem/Champ footy at the moment who are willing to play for England it really does seem that JR is a great prospect. I don''t see the need for another young keeper to come in (we have Rudd/Steer) but more a need for an older chap to help Ruddy develop. As far as I''m concerned Ruddy have the #1 shirt and it''s his to lose.
  5. It was the game earlier in the season when the ball went out in injury time and McNally grabbed it and threw it back to PL as fast as he could, and then Holt went on to score that really made me think this is a guy who is passionate about NCFC and winning games. I like him a lot, he talks sense, fires people when they have to be fired and hires great people and he trying to help the team win games, what more do we need?
  6. Perhaps Doc at RB? I remember Flem playing there, it would make more sense then spliing up Askou and Spillane and it would also be seen as a temporary thing as well for the Doc rather than really giving him a chance to fight for the CB place. He is on the books so should be available for selection.
  7. Could be wage related as well,Doc be captain for the last two chaps and a ''senior'' pro will be on a fair wackHoolahoop will be a large wage as well I should think.Get rid of the wages and perhaps we can get a decent keeper in?
  8. If what you say below is try I''d agree with you, however if you watch the highlight (as I suggested, in fact do you the advantage of being able to watch the highlights on Canary player?) you would probably notice:a) Semmy is not in the middle covering the center backsb) Reid runs past Semi and Semi fails to track himc) Semi is more than 10m away from Reid and 20m away from the bloke who passed to Reid because he is nowhere near the play at all when Reid scores.[quote] Very funny. Having spent 12 years as a manager at a good level and having a perfectly good pair of eyes, I''ll ignore the attempted smart arsery of you post and reiterate that Semmy is pulled across to cover the centre (standard coaching for a fullback) as both centre backs have been pulled towards our left. Whaley then fails to track Reid''s run. I have no problem with your Doc obsession, or, indeed, you attempts to look "clever".However, I would suggest you try to obtain at least one of the following: [/quote]
  9. I''ll give a huge hint here - the bloke with the 2 on his back is the one to watch. I can not believe what you are saying, the only way I can believe is that you have not actually looked at the highlights and is basing the determination of fault on a shakey memory.I noticed on another thread you said the Reid went past Whaley - I suggest you have another good look and look at the number on the guys shirt as he goes past.
  10. Goal 2: (referred to as 1 below) Semi was not overlapping on the wing, when the ball was lost Semi was stood on the about 8m inside the Sunderland half on the center circle line Goal 3: (referred to as 2 below) the unmarked Andy Reid ran past Semi not Whaley [quote] Ok Lincoln.  His opponent was left in acres of space for the 1st goal because Otsemobor was overlapping down the wing, as he should do when we''re attacking, and WHALEY gave the ball straight to a Sunderland player in the centre circle.  Reid was off, pass, goal. Semi didn''t even have time to turn around.  The second goal, if you''d like to watch again,  Semi had to go across to tackle Carlos Edwards, who was unmarked in the penalty area due to the lack of a centre half. Edwards immediately crossed, as he knew Semi had him, to an unmarked Andy Reid who had just made a run past WHALEY who didn''t even look and was just jogging back [/quote]
  11. Goal 3: Sunderland go forward, Semi is ball watching and doesn''t see Reid go past him on, Semi continues running back, makes no effort at all to pick up the free man who ran past him a few seconds earlier.It may well be that when he played with McVeigh then was telling what was happening so he could react whereas perhaps with Whaley he''s not talking to Semi so Semi is missing stuff.Perhaps you want to look at the highlights from canary player where you can freeze frame them and replay them so you can get a better idea before you make pronouncements - in the words of a previous manager ''I must have missed your tenure as the manager of England''.
  12. Goal 2: When we lose the ball Semi is stood just on the line of the center circle approx 8 m in front of the center and 8 m to the right of the middle of the pitch - not a position I''d expect a right back to be. When Sunderland make the break Semi jogs back.
  13. So I see you also don''t think Doc was the problem as well but perhaps Whaley instead.
  14. Just watched the highlights:goal 1: Doc stumbles and the player gets away to get the cross in, spillane goes to challenge, lappin is nowhere to be seen and no-one is marking the scorer, midfield problem goal 2: semi is no where near his man - semi is the problemgoal 3: semi is no where near his man - semi is the problemgoal 4: Doc pushes his bloke out the way if it does touch Doc at all its the tiniest of touches brushes what little hair he has and hits OTJ and own goal - certainly not the fault of Docthe problem is mainly semi and whaley.On the basis of this I can not see Lambert will be dropping the Doc.Spillane is unlucky to cause 2 injuries with his little push, is a red card thou.Cody Mac in goal - quality.
  15. I''ve heard it said in our Prem season that the city stand was designed to have an extra tier, as someone else mentioned it would involve blocking off carrow road but there was already an agreement for that. However I seem to remember the agreement had a definite time limit on it in that the agreement held for so many years and in those years the club could do it and it would be done, but if the time limit expired then they would have to reapply for taking over Carrow road.
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