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  1. I see that even now Fan''s Eye Adam Aiken is being critical of all things Norwich City. How long until he follows Richard Balls and falls on his sword? This negativity has got to stop.
  2. [quote user="tilly"] well Mr TRUTHSEEKER having not read this message board for a few days i am fascinated to see that you are"keen to highlight the fact that NCISA is inextricably linked to at least one of the EDP''s columnists".What on earth are you saying or trying to prove.Are you saying that NCISA writes Fans Eye or that Adam writes the NCISA columns in the Pink Un. In one of your posts you claimed to have only a passing interest in affairs at NCFC and not to be a regular fan.In another you had information on alleged infighting on the NCISA committee and in yet another your contacts within Carrow Road told you that NCISA were not highly thought of. [/quote] Your aggressive tone speaks volumes.
  3. Not for the first time, there has been speculation about my motives.   The answer to those concerns is that I am purely motivated by the truth surrounding various people and organisations that should be whiter than white.   Last year, I exposed a member of the NCISA committee who was writing posts on this board and then backing himself up under his real name. It was deceiving to say the least, and although I got a lot of criticism for what I said, no one actually defended the practice that I had exposed.   Since then, I have been keen to highlight the fact that NISA (which has played a big roll and rightly so in recent developments at Norwich City) is inextricably linked to at least one of the EDP''s columnists   I can''t be the only one who thinks the Archant columnists are struggling to contain their frustration that they can''t find much to criticise at the moment, even if the start of the season hasnt been as good as it could have been. But it is even more worrying is that the cartel of criticism includes both NCISA and Archant, and all I want to do is let people know where the news and comment they read comes from.    (And before people start to complain that I’m here again, this is meant as an answer to various posts about my motives.)
  4. Does this mean the club is now giving its blessing to a supporters group that has gone out of its way to undermine the club?
  5. I thought the Archant columnists were fairly upbeat this week. It seems like they actually support the team now! Whatever next?
  6. Are the same Archant columnists going to be writing this season or will there be a freshening up of the columns?
  7. It''s not about whether there has been doom and gloom in the past. It''s about the same old moaners joining forces and no doubt planning how to spin their negativity in novel ways this season. The fact that an EDP columnist with a prominent platform socialises at a barbeque with the fan''s group that helped get rid of the last manager only proves my point. Ask anyone involved with Norwich City and they''ll tell you the same.
  8. I''m told that Fans Eye and NCISA were seen together at the West Ham game yesterday. Please tell me they weren''t preparing for yet another season of doom and gloom together?
  9. http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/commentary/FansEye.aspx As negative as ever, don''t you think? I thought we might be spared these gloomy Archant columnists now the season is over. Or are they going to continue all summer?
  10. Rossi, The point I made about NCISA''s role in the ousting of the previous manager was actually meant as a compliment, not a criticism. Maybe I exaggerated your role in that process, but I was trying to say that NCISA is a major supporters'' group and therefore has more influence on these things than on others. The reason people have a right to know? NCISA often speaks on behalf of many more fans than just your members. The identity of the new chairman has been revealed now, but it could have done (and should have been done) a long time ago.
  11. Thanks for a constructive answer. It''s good that someone here can discuss this reasonably. I have no problem with NCISA receiving coverage in the local papers. I just don''t think it''s helpful that there are people on the EDP who have extremely close ties to an organisation that potentially has an important role to play in terms of Norwich City. It needs to be balanced but I don''t think it can be.
  12. You can carry out personal attacks if you want to, but the fact remains that this was something that could have been addressed weeks ago. The massive coverage of the departure of Roy Blower in the EDP over the weekend also demonstates the cosy relationship between the paper and NCISA. Adam Aiken, I notice, also joined in the self-serving backslapping. I have thought for a long time that there was something slightly concerning about the relatinship between NISA and the columnists. This has only confirmed my suspicions.
  13. I have done exactly that Blahblahblah. I have asked a member of the committee if I can be told who is leading NCISA at the moment and I have been told that it''s confidential. I am not attempting to embarrass anyone but simply trying to find out who is leading NCISA. I was also told that members of NCISA are not allowed to know who the new chairman is. I''m pleased you are more interested in Tesco. That is your right. But it is my right and the right of NCISA members to know who is in charge of the association. It is an important role . . . don''t forget that it was NCISA who were instrumental in leading the calls for a new manager. Perhaps if some of the publicity-seeking junkies in NCISA were more interested in looking after their members rather than cosying up with EDP columnists it would be better for all concerned.
  14. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Cluck "]Perhaps they are just doing what NCFC are up to.....calling someone else "Chairman" in order to deflect criticism away from someone within the Boardroom who has a "squeaky clean" reputation to protect. Just a hunch............[/quote] Or maybe they haven''t got around to changing the website yet, or issuing a press release.  Aren''t there enough serious conspiracies in the world to get your teeth into ?  If I were you, I''d be far more concerned at the stifling of development of zero-point energy solutions, or whether 911 was an inside job, or whether Princess Di was really knocked off by MI5, or anything involving America, rather than who''s the top volunteer in a fans association. [:|] [/quote] That is taking it out of context to a stupid level. This isn''t a conspiracy theory like the one surrounding Princess Diana or September 11th but it is a curious thing to be happening. Rather than question me about conspiracy theories, why don''t you question NCISA about why after weeks of infighting, its members (who pay to be members) have not been told about the committee''s vote and who the new chairman is. I do not care which "top volunteer" runs NCISA. I just want to know why there is something to hide.
  15. I''m sure I''ll get criticised for raising this again but why have NCISA failed to tell us who their new chairman is, even though they have already voted and decided on it?
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