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  1. [quote user="Kevin Keelan"] Other than El Bineros I can''t stand this lot. Nasty part of London, grubby ground, overpriced seats, speak funny, beat us 3-0 at home at some point in the Wright-Bright days. We also lost in the semi final of some weird 4th rate cup in the semi final at Smellhurst Park about 25 years ago (what was that cup....?) But I just think they''re a bunch of Flossers. When I think of them I think of this.....  ....and I feel happier. Good on yer Eric.... Anyone else have this feeling? [/quote] you have to take your hat off to that matthew symmonds bloke though.. he wasn''t the biggest and he stood there trading punches with that lunatic cantona [:D]
  2. [quote user="Budgie"]Looking forward to this one. I''ve asked for his opinion on that ghastly ''worthy out'' movement.[/quote] i bet its hard to find anyone who will actually admit to being part of it nowadays apart from that prick gordon who was always on radio norfolk  ..bit like finding someone who admits they voted labour  [:D]
  3. two of them have been blatant hand balls and easy for the ref to award  i haven''t actually seen saturdays yet [:D]
  4. hucks would you like to service my wife next time you are in lowestoft ? it would be an honour [:D]
  5. didn''t realise he''d been declared bankrupt after investing his hard earned in a cancer curing coffee bean [:D] http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/sport/football/article-1321212/Ian-Ridley-The-players-blow-riches.html
  6. [quote user="Pabs"]The commentator today was awful, he didnt seem to know anything about our team and constantly pronouced names wrong and didnt tell us what was actually happening. Goreham any day, he also has a better camerarderie with Adams; I guess he is on paternity leave as he is with Julie Reigner and she has been pregnant? Just a guess. Please come back soon Chris![/quote]   oh your going to pass it off as his are you julie ? like we agreed  [;)]
  7. i enjoyed  the interview cracked me up when he asked the shackell question at the end  .. really is a  cracking idea and i''ll look forward to it every month... how about hucks meets a true legend  the one and only andy hughes ?  [:D]
  8. [quote user="whats goin on"]Compulsive listining , some callers actually know what the game is all about. Others   obvilously confirm there lack of  knowledge of the game when they open there mouths ,i wouldnt change the phone in format as everyone has an opinion good or bad OTBC [/quote] exactly !!! if you don''t like it don''t listen [:D]
  9. goreham every time ..he interacts well with adams , that bowler bloke was awful..also i don''t know who it was but some bloke at the end was going over the other results and said ipswich went a goal down but they have since pulled 1 back  but they''re  are now losing 2-0 [8-)]
  10. that photo one of them had for a signiture ..what a bloody team qpr had in the 1970s  awesome [:D]
  11. not really a fan of bloggers ..most of them are self indulgent bores.. but i always find yours an entertaining  read wits good stuff  [:D]
  12. we would need an entirely new squad to play anti football ..i know we would need a lot of new players in the prem anyway  but the only player i can see fitting into a stoke style of play is andrew crofts ..i would rather take the blackpool approach it may not be successful in the end but at least there giving it a go in the right way [:D]
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