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  1. I still fancy your bet to pay out Ricardo. There's bound to be a huge backlash over this rather predictable development and I'm sure the media will be busy digging around for other stuff to pin on Cummings.
  2. Poor old Shapps my a*se. He’s a slimy toad who always denies anything that might make him look bad. My sympathies that he’s your MP. Hope he gets skewered today.
  3. Public support from political colleagues means little especially when it’s from people like Gove and that chancer Shapps. We’ve seen this sort of stuff so many times before.....all this guff about their colleague doing the right thing when I’ll bet most of the Cabinet are secretly dancing a little jig of delight knowing he’s toast. His CV’s got too many ruffled Tory feathers on there and few will be sorry to see him go.
  4. Fair point Ron. Ferguson is a bit of a Marmite character but accepting that his predictions are more Mystic Meg than solid science people who end with the panhandle ‘ ‘ Professor ‘ do tend to have a bit more up top than Joe Average
  5. Bill Hill now have it as 4/6 gone, 11/10 still there on 1st June. Bye, bye Dom looking good
  6. Cummings is bang to rights on this. After they had recovered his wife wrote an article for the Spectator about their illness. She claims her OH was laying in bed for ten days ‘ at home ‘ with breathing difficulties but failed to mention they were in fact in Durham. I wonder why she did that ? Might that have been because it might not look too good to say that infected with the virus they travelled over 250 miles to deposit their potentially infected son with Cummings over-70 year old at risk parents ? Cummings knew the rules, he got found out. I disagree that the other two resignations were wrong. The Scottish Chief Medical Officer broke the rules twice and despite Sturgeons desperate efforts to save her she correctly had to go. Apparently she was very good at her job but that’s incidental. Similarly Neil Ferguson, also a gifted individual, met his mistress when he knew full well this was against official guidance. He had the decency to resign. Cummings should go the same way.
  7. Well there’s CCTV footage of the public areas of all service stations. The police claim to have visited his parents house in Durham and the Govt deny they did so if the police really want to nail him they might want to trawl through it all to spot him. There’s no way they didn’t stop somewhere en route. One way or another I fancy you’ll win your bet.
  8. Not puzzling at all. All research is trial and error and it would be astonishing if the people spending this sort of money expected to get instant results. When you think of the countless billions that have been wasted on all manner of things it puts it into perspective
  9. It’s got to be an advantage to play at your home venue crowd or no crowd. Familiarity with the surroundings must give the home players an edge even if their normal routine is all over the place.
  10. Well we’ve not had a ‘ bit of a run ‘ all season but it looks as though it’ll have to last for all nine games as we need two points a game to get to 39. Probably stay up on less than that but it’d be tight. A very tough call.
  11. Going mad reading this message board is certainly right up there
  12. It’s wildly optimistic to think a mass vaccine will be available this year Well be back. It’s possible but these things normally take many years to develop and the government is repeatedly advising caution. The global scientific world is working on trying to find a cure so in terms of cost £140m is small change. Britain will have spent hundreds of billions to try to combat the effects of coronavirus which puts sums of hundreds of millions for research into perspective.
  13. All we seem to get from you is how Britain is rubbish and Germany is great. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical for you to retain dual nationality ?
  14. If we get out of the bottom three after four or five games we'd need to find Champions League form. 21 points from 29 games so far suggests we might just fall short.
  15. Worth pointing out that furloughing didn’t start until after that Facebook post and at that stage nobody knew what would be happening in Britain. Football had only been suspended a few days before so on the face of it Mr Finn was too hasty but as others have said he might have desperately needed the money. On the other hand it might have been a wind up. Who knows ? People with a gold-plated pension can too easily forget how things were not so rosy for themselves back in the day but even if it was a wind up, encouraging mob rule even via the internet, is not a great idea.
  16. I meant gaps in our knowledge but come to think of it he might fancy a short stint in the lower Leagues
  17. 'Fraid so. That was taken at the Derby match I think. I saw her and her family walking to the ground that day.
  18. Get onto Admin City 1st.........your account's been hacked
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