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  1. Is that actually physically possible?
  2. I’d be amazed if anyone gives us anything approaching £5m at this point in the proceedings. If we were offered one or two million I suspect we’d snap their hands off. So, let’s hope I’m wrong!
  3. If Idah does go he’s bound to do an Akinbiyi and suddenly score a shed load of goals and get sold on for a fortune. But I’m pretty sure he won’t do much while he’s here for us, so that’s the dilemma… Though probably not that huge a dilemma if a club is willing to offer a half-decent fee for him.
  4. Well, our football for much of the season has been Dallas fook…
  5. Great finish there from the Ipswich lad to give Leicester the lead!
  6. Nooooooo! How on earth will we cope with him gone?
  7. SoccerBot360 finally earning its keep!
  8. Wagner said he wouldn’t play him three times in a week, so I don’t think there’s anything to see here.
  9. I saw Mike Phelan loading a VHS player that he’d just bought in Dixons onto the back seat of a red Montego.
  10. Can we not give Wagner this one and say he got it right? The key will be if we can be similarly stubborn in future away games and improve massively at home. I’m not convinced those two things will happen but it seems somewhat churlish to me to not give Wagner credit for tonight’s result.
  11. Well, I’m no particular Wagner fan, but the team put a good shift in for him. I can’t really criticise that tonight.
  12. We'll probably unveil a new system – that we've practiced for all of six minutes – tonight too, just to even things out.
  13. The word 'say' is doing an awful lot of work here...
  14. You mean the thought of a youngster from Motherwell (yet to play a senior game for them) doesn't make your heart race!?
  15. The problem with this approach is that its purpose might be misunderstood and the board might think it’s a reference to the fall of the Berlin Wall and that the fans are trying to recreate the video to Scorpions’ 1991 hit ‘Winds of Change’…
  16. Hernandez was actually one of our better players today. We were worse after he was subbed.
  17. I’ve arrived late three times in around 39 years, so I’m not sure that’s ‘continually’. Though with how we’re currently playing I must admit I wasn’t too bothered about missing a few minutes.
  18. I turned up ten minutes late and as I walking right outside the stadium I honestly could barely hear anything from inside. Previously when I've arrived late I've heard the atmosphere from up the hill, so I'd certainly concur that the atmosphere was pretty flat.
  19. If we get beaten without a fight by Soton then I'd sack him. At least we'd have half a season for a new manager to either make a miraculous upsurge, or do some planning for next season. Limping on just delays the inevitable and serves no purpose. I'd really need to see a hugely improved performance from us tomorrow to give him longer. (Though even if that does happen I suspect it'll just be a flash in the pan – because ultimately he just seems tactically inept, however nice a bloke he might seem...)
  20. Even with a good DM we really wouldn’t **** this league. Not with our current manager and board.
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