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  1. I belive that the Chairman and Fry are burning Peterborough F.C. bridges as they will require more help from us than we require from them in the transfer market in the future.
  2. I think we should tell Posh stick it. Their loss at the money being talked about.
  3. `However, sources have confirmed those reports were inaccurate – which could prove to be good news for City’s rivals Ipswich Town, who are widely believed to be keen on the 23-year-old.'' (were inaccurate) - This could mean that it is not totally untrue about Cox.
  4. Just about post on the same subject.We won''t have a better chance of improving our goal difference which could be make or break for automatic promotion.
  5. Gunn mentioned on the scrimmage or let slip that we could get a premier league player on load with the option to make the move permanent.I did start a thread on this but it has yet to appear 30mins later.
  6. McNally needs to make City profitable again, so stop moaning about Ticket prices and start supporting the club and think of it as `saving our club from administration''.
  7. I must agree that £50 is to much, maybe a misprint?
  8. He''s gone..... Threw his shirt to the crowd on last game which should have gone to the golden goal MOM winning number.
  9. He''s Free, so a good backup keeper maybe.
  10. pensions, funny how you mentioned that one first Wiz.
  11. Is it possible to have a Transfer IN/OUTS including Pos/Value like you provided for the League One run-in. I understand there has been 4-5 OUTS & Rusty pending and 4 INS & Forster pending. Any chance cheers.
  12. I have been saying since Dec/Jan that Doc should be released and got shot down for it. He has had a good season in this league but ain''t good enough for the money in the championship with Nelson + Askou/Whitbread partnership. I think as they have been signing the praises of Whitbread he may be first choice with either Askou or Nelson. Cheers Marmite Doc for your efforts this season.
  13. Totally agree with you Nutty, I''ve always rated Nelson over Doc although Doc did have one his better seasons, I think that Askou+Nelson work better.
  14. [quote user="canary_82"]Dibs, I''ve been an avid, yet passive reader of the pinkun message board now for years. However this evening I felt I cannot simply read and not comment. Are you totally insane?! You really think that the Doc should be sold in Jan?!! Who replaces him? He has been bloody brilliant this year! You Sir are a complete p*at[/quote] Changed your mind yet about Nelson.
  15. We better start saving now to buy Fraser for next season in the Championship.
  16. Absolutely not. It’s got to be treated like a playoff final.
  17. I''m beginning to forgive Delia and point most of the blame at Doomcaster for misleading her, and for our mess apart from... who appointed Gunn?. It''s amazing that we took all that spin about this and that for so long from Doomcaster. McNally is showing some great no nonsense qualities.
  18. With McNally on the Board, City are now showing that we have balls to tackle all issues with venom. No more being softies or push-overs, we may even get silly money for transfers out Carrow Road
  19. Me thinks that we are still in Div.1, so why the large hike....
  20. Why are the prices so high for under 21''s?, most are at College/Uni and are not working full time. I have had to cancel my daughter''s because of this reason, all the hard work in getting youngsters interested goes when they turn 16.
  21. Any trouble between Players or Fans this Saturday Cowling must be held responsible as he has stirred up hatred, also the Ref is going to need eyes in the back of his head to protect our players against unsporting behaviour.
  22. I get the picture. If free, maybe worth a gamble or as cover. Will he cut it in the championship? properly not, but with Lambert as manager who knows what a gem he may be.
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