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  1. Welcome to the Mile High state.... Blurboy1980
  2. Hello - I am an ex-pat Canary fan living in Denver. There are a few of us in Colorado. If you have NBC as part of acable package you can log in online at nbc sports live and stream the games for free. There is also an App. Enjoy. OTBC.
  3. Thank you EVERYONE at NCFC for an incredible season. I am very proud to be a city fan today. What has been acheived is incredible. I can honestly say that over the last 23 years I have supported this club, I have never entered a close-season which such confidence in the way in which are club is being run on and off the field. Its going to be an interesting summer no doubt, but personally I can''t wait for the next chapter to begin. As for Lambert for Villa? No chance. Roll on August!
  4. Totally agree Mile High. Now its about having TOTAL belief. WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS. I''d rather be in our position than Cardiff''s. Enjoy the Bank Holiday and Monday''s game all of you lucky people who are able to attend or watch on TV. From the Yella Army exiled State-side - Common! OTBC.
  5. I emailed McNally and Canaries Player customer service and they say it is not possible right now, but it could be in the future. We need as many fans as possible to ask for the change. Seems it is an issue for all team across the country.....
  6. I dont mind adding a voice too. Is his details on the site?
  7. Does anyone use a phone (droid or IPhone) to listen to canaries player? Being USA based and having to work Sat sometimes makes it difficult to catch the game. I would be interested to know if anyone out there has any recomendations?
  8. As the name  suggests Denver, Colorado. Although I once lived on Hardy Road about 30 seconds from the Barclay. Happy Days!
  9. Cant wait for his post match interview..................................
  10. Nexus, I was not a big fan of canaries player at first, but here in Colorado it is my only option. It really is a good service and well worth the 35 quid a year. It is easy to use and has never let me down - you can get a half season ticket for 17.99 it has to be worth it surley.....
  11. Totally agree Rudolph - the time has come to focus on the game not the off field antics. This is a very important game in our season. We must keep the unbeaten run going.
  12. That''s great, hope all our men and women in uniform receive arousing welcome from City and Colchester fans alike - I am sure they will. Just out of curiousity how many free tickets did the para''s get for the game then? One way to fill a stadium..
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/c/colchester_united/8457693.stm Is this guy for real? In the run up to Saturday''s game I thought that just about everything that could have been said had been, but oh no, Cowling is still continuing to fan the flames. Does he seriously think City are going to talk compensation now given all that has happened? Tribunal it is, so get over it man. Maybe he is starting to get a little worried about his case? As a city supporter for many years, there are a number of teams I have healthy dislike for, but I never thought Colchester would make the list. They are fast replacing  them lot down the road, Wolves and Everton. I really wish I could be at the the game this Saturday, rather I will be up early here in Colorado listening online. To all those fellow supporters going to the game wherever you are sitting -  do us proud like you always do and enjoy. To Mr. Lambert and the boys please, please, please stick one on this irritaing idiot Cowling on behalf of us all. Rant Over. OTBC.    
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