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  1. I know the saying goes you still have to beat what is put in front of you, but has anyone watched the goals on the BBC? I think most of us on here could have scored at least 2 against Stockport. They seems to be even worse than last year.
  2. A lot of this is similar to the ''noise'' that occurred when we signed Matty Svennsen in the promotion year. My view is a great cover signing, who will no doubt nick a few key goals this season. Just needs to come off the bench v QPR and nick a last minute winner now......
  3. I get a sneaky feeling there are some Lambert injury mind games on operation here. Never known him to be so open on that actual state of our injuries. Have a feeling the ''long time out'' may just be to year end. I would expect one of the missing 2 to be back v QPR
  4. If he did come and Holt stays then a good addition. A bit like when we had Matty Svenssen and Iwan in the promotion year.....
  5. Also means he will get to the New Year''s yellow card point on 4 and hence slate then wiped clean. I had feared he would missed 1+2 and then come back get booked and miss another.
  6. do the accounts give away the exact amount the News of the World paid us for their silly story last year? Can''t rememeber if this was ever announced. No doubt it was just bundled into ''income'' somewhere.
  7. [quote user="Heresyourfathersgun"]I just get the impression from his comments in the media that Lansbury isn''t expecting to stay[/quote] Just need to follow him on twitter to see he is not too happy out of London
  8. Sky''s picture quality is the best, but ''Simon Lappin''s long throw'' not like Gill and Lappin even look alike. First time I had seen the Millwall goal and agree, with Ruddy pushed forward the scorer was offside as he didn''t have enough NCFC players in front of him. Think the lino saw our player and forget that he needs the keeper (or AN other) in front of him as well. Seen those sort of decisions given a few time now, where the lino seems to forget what the rule requires.
  9. Glad the licence fee pays for the expert info. Never know Lawro, he may have meant ''you will be in the 2nd Division in 10 months'' in his usual old term, it is not like the old days speak. Forgetting that is now called the Championship. Well done to the thatched haired fool    
  10. I think it shows how far we have come that we are even thinking about it. For me another 27pts+ and staying up would still be the first goal and then push on from there. I note that in our 14 games, we have now played 10 games against teams in the bottom half of the table and only 4 against those in the top half. Suggests we have a harder patch of teams to come. At present we have 19pts v bottom half teams and 4 v top half.
  11. It is life back in the championship. Last time it was more like bouncy castle CR than a fortress..
  12. Was in the school end upper and the crowd round me were in very good form.
  13. [quote user="El Choppo"]If Rhoys Wiggins can play international football, so can I.[/quote] Agree - went to Saints v Bmth the other day with a group of friends. Clear to see why we got shot of him.
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