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  1. As above Connor Roberts would suit our style of play. 1 year left on his contract.
  2. No inside info but I just have a feeling we might sign Bielek from Arsenal. We tried 2 years ago when Farke arrived but he got injured just as we were about to sign him on loan. Great season at Charlton and in the U21 Champs. Desperate to leave and sounds like move to AC Milan has fallen through. Can fill our much talked about defensive midfield role and also centre back. Also noticed that Hull have signed a winger on loan from Everton. Does that mean Bowen is on his way? Both would be great IMO and transfers done.
  3. Looks fairly solid in the Norwegian midfield. As a defensive midfielder fits the bill for what we are looking for? Currently plays for Rennes in France.
  4. Dani does NOT count in the 25. He''s was not 21 until 5 Jan, similar to Ruddy who was 21 on 16th Jan.
  5. Would be ideal as our defensive midfielder replacing Crofts IMHO.
  6. We need another 2 strikers to make sure we survive again next season!
  7. I''ve just had a look and seen that Declan Rudd was still 20 on 1st Jan 2012 so will not be included in the 25 for next season. It also make sense for PL to look at the likes of Fyvie and Wood since they are also under 21 and will give us the flexibility to perhaps keep Drury and Wilbraham for one more season whilst also looking at signing Rhodes and/or Rodriguez.
  8. I hadn''t realised that Chad Evans was out of contract in the summer. I would sign all three! Evans, Rodriguez, Rhodes, Holt, Vaughan, Jackson would be quite tasty! Goodbye Morison, Wilbraham & Martin
  9. I think we need TWO strikers. Morison is out of his depth at this level, Martin has no future at the club and Wilbraham will leave in the summer. That leaves Holt and Jakcson (miracle if Vaughan will ever plays a full season). I agree we need 4 quality stikers, for me Rodriguez and Rhodes would be perfect. Another move for Snodgrass would seem possible, and I agree with the tall commanding defensive midfielder. In defence We are ok for CB even with Barnett likely to leave. Nuaghton and Gunter would complete the squad.
  10. Paul Lambert confirmed at the press conference that Norwich will sign NO ONE during the transfer winger. Exiting winger Craige NOONE has been the subject of much speculation during the January Transfer window.
  11. With these three effectively out of the Jan window, PL will have to weave his magic to bring in 3/4 quality signings. The Gunter link is starting to make sense if you consider that Martin is now an etablished center half. We therefore have no cover at right back apart from De Laet - who is injury prone and useless.
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