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  1. There was a post on here prior to the game about a pitch invasion..
  2. What a stupid post, Did you not see the line of police and stewards?
  3. Why do the club, offer a service where you can upgrade your season ticket? E.g say a under 16 ticket upgraded to adult
  4. Sat basically there and didnt see anything of the that nature!
  5. I am a boot cleaner i clean boots, i can confirm that some of the boots that i clean because im a boot cleaner do belong to other players.
  6. Oooh John Ruddy, Ruddy He is the norwich''s number 1 hes better then Bryan GunnJohn Ruddy, Ruddy
  7. I overheard one of the gardeners on the phone to his missus telling her that he''s found out why the grass doesnt get to long at colney..Grant holt dares it to grow.
  8. Sort it out you lot! The OP was not about standing it was confirming that the barclay is going to have a extra row, no one else has confirmed it have they!? Show abit of respect to the OP for telling us about it as im sure it affects some of you!!
  9. Upload an image to photobucket or simular, then copy the image link *IMG* (*=[ ) Then put it in the link for your signature. [:)]
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