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  1. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11709/7493982/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  2. Look what he has done to wessi... But I would of loved to of seen us sign Lansbury and Pacheco Lambo would have them firing for us
  3. Liverpool fans and club are really annoying me of late!! I want a newspaper report or interview with glen Johnson or John Barnes! High profile black Liverpool players to see what they think of it all..! And if all is true about Tom tonight, then the f.a should throw the book at them and kick them out of the cup, that would start to shut some of the morons up!!!!
  4. I heard we are sending de laet back, and getting pogba as a replacement... Never heard of him!! Any thoughts??
  5. I heard we are sending de laet back, and getting pogba as a replacement.... Never heard of him? Any thoughts?
  6. he reminds me of theo walcott a bit, but only better and cheaper lol
  7. 1.5 million..... bargain, after watching that..... really excited
  8. crazy times!!! if the worst comes, then we will have one hell of a squad to bounce straight back up.....
  9. would look at teams going down!! west ham upson, tompins, noble, parker, collison, cole, robbie keane? wigan caldwell, mccarthey, cleverley, not many others blackpool gilks, crainey, cathcart, taylor fletcher, varney, beattie,
  10. I wouldn''t like loads of changes! just add a bit of quality and back up in case of injures etc! Kebe, Long, Eagles, Bennett, Graham Lansbury and Dani boy are young hungry fast players i wouldn''t mind any of them! but would love to see martin and cody given a chance! But we are going to need another crofts,fox someone to break up play and put a foot in! Darren Gibson of Man U is a great shout young always impressed when seen man u, he reminds of a fletcher! will need a rb for cover for cafu, and 1 more cb for cover to barny,ward, and keith lemon! think lb is covered if not keep lappin around!! A back up keeper, ruddy deserves his chance and get the 2 young keepers out on loan.
  12. love the bloke..... for everything he has done for us, please let him score saturday..... it would top my season right off
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